How the Oxford English Dictionary was brought to life in a rustic ‘scriptorium’

“And those words, because they’re not written down, because the people who use them are illiterate very often, and because there’s nobody listening to them or wanting to record their experience, those words are lost to history, because they’re lost to the dictionary.”

Tasked with schoolwork help, many US parents lack English

“To be honest with you, it has been difficult for me because of the language more than anything,” said Luna, whose daughters attend a school in North Las Vegas, Nevada. “My husband does speak the language a little more, and when he comes home from work, he is the one who gives me the most […]

13 picked to translate COVID-19 book into English

Each volunteer will be responsible for translating two chapters involving around 15,000 Chinese characters into English within a week as the book-COVID-19, From Basics To Clinical Practice-is scheduled to be published in May, said Zhang Yongbin, deputy editor-in-chief of Fudan University Press, during an exclusive interview with China Daily on Tuesday.

How to change system language on Android smartphones

Bought a new smartphone from some other country which is set in their local language and looking for a way to change to your mother tongue such as Hindi, English, Marathi, Telugu? Thankfully, Android, as an operating system supports multiple languages, in fact, users can even add as many languages they want, which is really […]

How to Write a Great Essay If English is Not Your Native Language

Style, he said, defines whether the essay is a research paper, a position statement, an opinion piece or a summary essay. Are you trying to convince the reader of a position? Presenting deeply researched information about a topic? Summing up a situation or event? They all take different approaches in their style of writing.

New Welsh language film of Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood

A film version of Under Milk Wood, called Dan y Wenallt, starring Rhys Ifans and Charlotte Church, will be shown on S4C at the end of the centenary year of Thomas’s birth.

Adorable Old English Sheepdog pups bundle together for snap in the sun

“The iconic breed is seeing something of a resurgence at the moment after decreasing numbers of registrations in past years, so we are thrilled to add these little ones into the fold.”

CDC Pushes Back on Report That It Told Staffers to Stop Using Seven Words

A CDC analyst told the Post that the word-ban order came down at a meeting led by Alison Kelly, a senior official in the Office of Financial Services. But Kelly said she was merely passing along the information, and it’s not clear whether the mandate originated from someone at the CDC or from the Office […]

Coronavirus: When using the c-word gets you blacklisted

“News organizations have shifted more resources and journalists into covering the most important topic on the planet … while this same news is being defunded by the marketplace,” he told DW. Kint said Google was to blame for introducing keyword block lists two decades ago when digital advertising first took off, which other ad-tech players […]

OED expands to reflect Coronavirus

Social media has a similar effect today. It is going too far to say that any of these new entrants owe their provenance to social media. But the sheer volume of activity on social media certainly adds to the dissemination of words, and creates new contexts from which they derive meaning.