Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell Shut Down Anti-BLM Utah Jazz Fan

“If you paint ‘BLM’ on the court, you have lost this Utah Jazz fan for life,” the fan replied to a tweet from Jazz’s G-League affiliate Salt Lake City Stars, in which the team promoted an auction whose proceeds will go towards the Racial Equity and Inclusion Fund.

NBA Suspends Season; Second Utah Jazz Player Diagnosed With Coronavirus – Update

The league has not announced whether season ticket-holders will be refunded for any games missed. Studies have shown the NBA has a major economic impact on the league’s host cities, particularly during playoff events. The revenue shortfall will now have to be made up in other ways.

Burgess Owens, a BLM critic, defends Utah Jazz coach over donation scrutiny

“How much do ‘black lives matter’ to the people upset that a good man donated to the states ONLY BLACK CANDIDATE running for Congress, because he disagrees with their stance on BLM Inc.,” Owens tweeted Friday along with a retweet of a Tribune article reporting the donations. “Do black lives only matter when they think […]

Jazz star Donovan Mitchell after first-round loss: ‘This won’t happen again’

We went from being an “unsalvageable” team three months ago to this, and I don’t think anybody outside of us expected that,” Mitchell said. “I’m happy with the way we played, obviously not the result. Look man, like, we’ve got things that we know we can fix and like I said, we felt like we […]

Donovan Mitchell wears sweatshirt digging at Ben Simmons, ROY debate (PHOTO)

Simmons is the rookie of the year by the way, and it’s not really close. The Sixers rookie’s advanced analytics are better than Mitchell’s, and with the way Philly has been playing with Embiid out it kind of guts the one thing — value — the Jazz rookie held over his rival.

Mitchell Marsh ‘confident’ of Australia role as opportunity knocks again

“Yesterday I tried to take the situation out of it, the fact we’d lost a couple of wickets, and just try to take it as deep as possible,” he said. “Glenn’s innings was amazing and really took the pressure off at times, allowed me to just keep batting. It would have been nice to capitalise […]

Marvin Williams announces retirement after 15 NBA seasons

In the final game of his NBA career on Tuesday night, Williams scored 11 points and grabbed eight rebounds. After the news of Williams’ retirement broke, one of the players on the team that knocked him out of the playoffs, Andre Iguodala, offered his heartfelt congratulations.

Doncic seeks quick recovery; 76ers, Nets facing quick exits

“Obviously, we know the nature of the game. Sometimes injuries happen,” Dallas guard Trey Burke said. “If he can’t go, guys have got to be ready to play, step up and we’ve got to have the same mentality going out there and that’s to win.”

Prediction model rates Warriors higher than Clippers for 2019-20

The forecasting model stumbled in a strong season for the Timberwolves (88 percent chance of reaching the playoffs) and missed the boat in estimating the number of wins for the Milwaukee Bucks, Portland Blazers and Nuggets. It was mostly on target in predicting the totals for the Boston Celtics, Utah Jazz and Sixers.

Hill slams ‘sickening’ Wisconsin shooting

“With me having two boys and me being an African American in America and continuing to see what is happening with police brutality against my kind. It is very troubling. I am never going to lose track of what is going on in the world, especially here in America. My prayers go to that family.”