Air pollution can intensify Covid-19

Actions such as agricultural (stubble) burning that may lead to episodes need to be either curtailed entirely or managed in a way that is timed with tightening of pandemic management measures. In the future, full-scale lockdowns are unlikely, but may be replaced by on-again/off-again measures that could be targeted towards periods of high and low […]

UK parents ‘worryingly unaware’ of damage from air pollution

Penrose said: “We urgently need a public commitment to reduce air pollution to acceptable levels, a national strategy that prioritises action for children and ring fenced funding to implement this – so that no child is denied their right to clean air.”

Hanoi working hard to combat air pollution

Hanoi installed an air monitoring system in 2016 to control air pollution. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment has managed and operated a system of 35 automatic air monitoring stations. In addition, the department is implementing a project of building 15 fixed air environmental monitoring stations, integrating three radioactive monitoring devices; one radioactive monitoring […]

Coronavirus: UK has legal duty to review air pollution targets, say lawyers

Geraint Davies, the chair of the all-party parliamentary group on air pollution, said: “It is vitally important that the prime minister acts immediately on the emerging science [linking pollution and coronavirus] and on our wide-ranging proposals backed by scientists, businesses, local authorities and 90 parliamentarians.” Davies said Eustice had agreed to meet to discuss the […]

Emissions linked to high air pollution

Chai Fahe, deputy director of the National Joint Research Center on Air Pollution Causes and Control and an expert involved in the research program, said that in recent years, overall air quality in the region is improving, with fewer heavily polluted days reported each year.

Air pollution causes 3m lost working days per year in UK, says CBI

Jacob West, director of healthcare innovation at the British Heart Foundation, said: “Adopting ambitious World Health Organization guidelines could not only add years to our life, but also benefit the country’s finances. These encouraging figures should give the government confidence to embrace tougher air pollution limits in the environment bill.”

Air Pollution From California Wildfires in Some Regions ‘Unprecedented’

As well as the immediate damage caused, the smoke from the fires has a major impact on people’s health through the inhalation of toxic particles. The smoke contains gases, vapors and particles that can stay airborne for long periods of time. They can travel huge distances to affect communities a long way from the site […]

UK air pollution: why are we only now waking up to this public health crisis?

“Fighting change are a few people in government who have either failed to understand that long-term exposure to air pollution is the biggest public health risk after smoking or they simply don’t care and want to cover-up the issue for as long as possible. It is much worse than most of us have realised. It […]

Hà Nội working hard to combat air pollution

In particular, the city will put into operation a power-generating plant with capacity of 4,000 tonnes per day at the Nam Sơn waste treatment complex in Sóc Sơn District; strengthen the waste collection to the concentrated treatment areas and eliminate the waste backlog situation and waste burning activities in suburban areas.

Cabinet steps up air pollution controls

Chai Fahe, deputy head of the National Joint Research Center on Air Pollution Causes and Control, said in an interview with China Environment News last month that tackling ozone pollution could be more difficult than PM2.5, as ozone can linger in the atmosphere for longer and travel further.