World shares ease off record highs ahead of U.S. jobs data

“Stock market valuation is rich on a stand-alone basis, but far less extreme compared to other asset classes. Hence, it’s likely a bit too soon to be calling the next bear market even though September 3 did mark the top of the equity market back in 1929,” said Jeroen Blokland, portfolio manager at Robeco.

In love with the graph: Neo4j spreads the obsession of a new database one app at a time

Although it’s still a small market, the simple, elegant paradigm of a graph that shows relationships creates new fans every time it shows up in an application. There some high-profile applications already. For example, Daniel Himmelstein, then working as a graduate student at UC San Francisco, created a database of genetic and molecular interactions, called […]

‘Don’t kill your gran’: Matt Hancock urges young people to stop flouting coronavirus restrictions and to stick to social distancing because Covid-19 infections are surging among ‘affluent’ 17 to 21-year-olds

Professor Carl Heneghan, a medicine expert at the University of Oxford, said: ‘There is currently no second wave. What we are seeing is a sharp rise in the number of healthy people who are carrying the virus, but exhibiting no symptoms. Almost all of them are young. They are being spotted because – finally – […]

SIXTY THOUSAND Britons face a mad scramble to get home from seven Greek islands including Crete and Mykonos by 4am tomorrow – as flight prices TREBLE after Grant Shapps’ surprise quarantine

Aviation bosses backing the Mail’s Get Britain Flying campaign have warned we will lose our status as a global trading superpower unless ministers take urgent action. Writing in the Mail last week, Heathrow boss John Holland-Kaye warned: ‘If the Government doesn’t get a grip and reopen our borders safely, Britain will fall behind.

The Mafia is handing out food to Italy’s needy in a bid to impose control over people’s lives as mobsters seek to capitalise on country’s coronavirus crisis

‘You become a partner, you enter the business,’ he said. ‘It’s not like someone comes in with a gun, it’s their financial consultants who at a certain point say, ‘With these partners we’ll allocate, with these partners we’ll do our banking’.’

Doctors pen desperate open letter to Dan Andrews pleading with him NOT to extend State of Emergency because it’s putting Victorians’ health at risk

Whilst an accurate cause of death of a person can be difficult to determine, we are told that since March 2020, 565 Victorian patients have died either with or from the virus (31st August numbers). This compares with annual Victorian deaths of approximately 10,000 patients with cardiovascular disease and 11,000 with cancer. Accordingly, the COVID-19 […]

PETER HITCHENS: How the Government is wading into the swamp of despotism – one muzzle at a time

Let us hope that the Courts of England, which have so far been content to let the Government do what it likes, will listen to what he says when they look at the matter again later this month, in the case brought by Simon Dolan, a businessman who is seeking a judicial review of the […]