Fast take: The jobs report and the U.S. presidential race

Among Black people the jobless rate dropped to 13% in August, from 14.6% in July; for white people it fell to 7.3% from 9.2% a month earlier. The gap was the biggest in six years, underscoring racial inequalities that have become a flashpoint in the presidential election campaign.

GRAPHIC-Fast take: The jobs report and the U.S. presidential race

SLOWING JOB GAINS NOT SO GOOD FOR TRUMP Including the 1.37 million jobs gained in August, U.S. employment has recouped just about half its losses since the crisis began, still leaving the total number of employed short by 11.5 million compared with six months earlier. Moreover, the pace of gains has slowed, particularly in the […]

A Solid Jobs Report Makes Imminent Stimulus Even Less Likely

Josh: So, I had been a skeptic on the president’s stated intention to use executive orders as a substitute for that relief bill. But the $300 unemployment enhancement he funded by shifting disaster relief money from FEMA is actually going out in many states and will ultimately be paid by most of them. The CDC’s […]

AP Explains: 5 key takeaways from the August jobs report

In August, the federal government brought on 238,000 temporary Census workers. That burst of hiring drove up the number of government workers at all levels — federal, state and local — by 344,000. It was the sharpest such monthly gain since May 2010.

AP Explains: Key takeaways from a surprising jobs report

It didn’t. The gap between what was expected and what happened when the Labor Department issued the jobs report Friday morning was so vast that it raised some doubts about its accuracy. But as analysts dug into the numbers, they found the numbers to be correct and suggested that the pessimistic forecasts might have mainly […]

August jobs report likely to point to a still-slow recovery

The jobs report coincides with growing signs that more companies are making permanent job cuts rather than temporary furloughs. That trend could keep the unemployment rate persistently high. It is typically harder for an unemployed worker to find a new job at a new company or in a new industry than to return to a […]

Labor secretary praises Trump’s actions for quick economic recovery, ‘strong’ jobs report

“Sadly, Republicans continue to demonstrate their utter contempt for the lives and livelihoods of millions of Americans who are being devastated by Republicans’ deadly inaction,” she said. ”The White House and Senate Republicans have made clear that they still do not comprehend the scale of this disaster or the urgent needs of our communities and the American […]

Labor secretary calls August jobs report ‘validation’ of pre-coronavirus economy

“The CARES Act benefit, that $600 a week benefit, I think was a good thing to do as we closed our economy. A lot of people were being told by state and local officials that they weren’t allowed to work,” he said. ”But it was set to expire by Congress at the end of July. That was the right thing. The president has wanted […]

Dollar hunkers down before key U.S. jobs report

The U.S. central bank last week overhauled its policy framework to focus more on addressing shortfalls in employment and less on inflation, which would allow it to keep rates lower for longer periods, which is a negative for the dollar.

Dollar steadies after U.S. jobs report, focus shifts to ECB meeting

The U.S. Labour Department report on Friday showed that U.S. employment growth slowed and permanent job losses increased as government funding started running out, raising doubts on the sustainability of the economy’s recovery. Still, the jobless rate fell to 8.4% from 10.2% in July.