20 best African films – ranked!

4. Cairo Station (1958) All human life is here: the phrase really does apply to Youssef Chahine’s tragicomic masterpiece. Cairo Station is the venue for a blazingly passionate drama about Qinawi, a lame newspaper vendor, played by Chahine himself, and his unrequited desire for Hanuma, the Bardot-ish lemonade seller. Chahine conducts his big cast with […]

Quantum computing: Photon startup lights up the future of computers and cryptography

One day, she hopes, Nu Quantum’s devices could be used to connect quantum devices in a quantum internet – a decade-long project contemplated by scientists in the US, the EU, and China, which would tap the laws of quantum mechanics to almost literally teleport some quantum information from one quantum device to the next. Doing […]

Mangrove review – Steve McQueen takes axe to racial prejudice

After not-guilty verdicts were returned in most cases, the peppery trial judge, Edward Clarke (played here by Alex Jennings), clearly irritated by the transparently untruthful police testimony as much as by the defendants’ rebellious behaviour in court, remarked that there had been “racial hatred on both sides”. He naturally intended that as a rebuke to […]

Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra review – that’s more like it

In The Crown Tundra’s Dynamax adventures, though: no shields! And on top of that, a hugely clever system of rental Pokémon, items, stick-or-twist decisions and counter-play. There’s more than a whiff of Shigeki Morimoto about the whole thing – the man who designed Pokémon’s core battle systems, and who I can personally attest to being […]

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands pre-expansion patch notes detail what to expect ahead of the full launch

Gladiator’s Medallion, Adaptation, and Relentless have been removed from Honor Talents. The functionality of removing control-impairing effects will be restored as a powerful PvP trinket option that can be purchased with Honor from Aneka Melae in Orgrimmar and Alice Fischer in Stormwind.

Welcome to Europe: Smiling Tunisian terrorist poses for photo on the day he arrived in Italy on a migrant boat – just a month before he beheaded a woman and killed two more Catholics in church massacre in France

‘Eradicate this plague’: French politicians demand action to ‘wipe out Islamo-fascism’ after three die in Nice terror attack  French politicians lined up to demand tougher action against Islamist terrorism after three people were murdered by a knifeman in Nice. 

Baldur’s Gate 3 mixes Divinity’s excess with old school BioWare magic

Returning Baldur’s Gate players will know what it’s like to have something evil lurking behind your eyes, and this feels like the foundation for an entertaining yarn. It certainly makes for a hectic opening, like an accelerated version of the second game’s dungeon prologue. Long story short, the airship is attacked by dragons, performs some […]

‘Good Steely Dan Takes’: A Chat With the Man Behind the Funniest Rock Fan Account on Twitter

Exactly. And I think that while Steely Dan fandom become more accepted in recent years, at one time, for people whose aesthetics were more or less punk aesthetics, Steely Dan were the antichrist.That’s what I’m saying. When I was growing up in the Nineties, no one was talking about Steely Dan. They were the antithesis […]

Pope Francis: Rejection of Migrants Stoked by ‘Populist Rhetoric’

The risk, Francis said, is that in times of crisis we lack judgment and people can begin to think, “Let’s look for a savior who gives us back our identity and let’s defend ourselves with walls, barbed-wire, whatever, from other people that may rob us of our identity.”

Hades Boons guide: the best Boons and Gods to choose

Duo Boons – require you to have already taken certain Boons from two different Gods, and combine the powers and styles of both Gods into a single Boon. Legendary Boons – powerful Boons which require you to have favoured a certain God during a run. Each God has one Legendary Boon to offer. Chaos Boons […]