Monty Python team set for film reunion with Absolutely Anything

But in a recent interview for the Guardian, Terry Gilliam cast doubt on whether a reunion would ever be successfully achieved. “We all have our own careers now … the BBC put us on 10 years ago, and it was an hour of mediocrity … the work wasn’t what it should be.”

Monty Python stars: BBC is ‘destructive’ for comedy

Monty Python’s John Cleese and Terry Gilliam have hit out at the BBC ahead of their shows at London’s O2 arena. The Mirror reports that the pair said the corporation is now a “destructive” place for alternative comedy and their surreal and irreverent show would never have been made now. Cleese said: “What has happened […]

Miranda Hart raises prices on celeb video site to support charities during lockdown

The star said: “I increased the price because I am donating revenue to two charities that support chronic illness (ASTRiiD and CISFA UK) during lockdown as it is a great time to raise awareness for those who experience ‘lockdown’ as part of their daily lives and because there are vulnerable people during pandemic.

Don Shula, the NFL’s all-time leader in coaching wins, dies at 90

Country singer Kenny Rogers racked up an impressive string of hits — initially as a member of The First Edition starting in the late 1960s and later as a solo artist and duet partner with Dolly Parton — and earned three Grammy Awards, 19 nominations and a slew of accolades from country-music awards shows. Country […]

Val Kilmer on Playing Mark Twain, His Crazy

Hal Holbrook has been playing Mark Twain onstage forever. What kind of conversations did you have with him about the part? Did he give you any advice? And what did you learn by studying his performances?What a great contribution he’s made to our culture: 60 years in a row he’s performed his play about Twain […]

With TV like this, the view from your couch isn’t so bad

“An Idiot Abroad” (Rent or buy on Amazon Prime, episodes $2.99). Producers Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant whisk Karl Pilkington, the hapless British antihero, to bizarre misadventures, from being buried alive in Russia to competing in an ill-fated Mongolian wrestling tournament. While you laugh at Pilkington’s cluelessness, you can also experience such wonders as the […]

Time for extra helpings: a foodie tour of Cáceres, Spain

But one place rules the roost in old-town Cáceres. Chef Toño Pérez and his partner José Polo opened Atrio in 1986, overseeing its eventual transformation from a bourgeois French-style joint in an ugly downtown block to a hyper-chic restaurant-with-rooms in an old-town palacio. The accolades for Atrio’s stunning redesign by architects Tuñón + Mansilla, to […]

In the Name of Love for Bono: 60 Fascinating Facts About the U2 Singer

37. “The best phone call I ever made in my opinion was the the most extraordinary woman in the world: Eunice Shriver Kennedy, sister of John F. Kennedy (and mother of Maria Shriver), the woman who in her forties, after having changed the world once advising to elect JFK to president, changed the world once […]

This Morning’s Holly and Phil astonish viewers with vicious rant about Boris Johnson

They both noted that Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has refused to answer questions on ITV’s GMB or This Morning, after he gave out incorrect advice on The Today Show which the government was forced to retract.

Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish: how we made The Adam and Joe Show

Joe Cornish Adam and I were at secondary school together. We made videos for fun, stupid comedy skits, reproduced Monty Python sketches. Then Adam went to art school, I went to film school, and we both ended up working in various service industries. One day Adam saw an advert for a late-night Channel 4 show […]