20 best African films – ranked!

2. Touki Bouki (1973) Two years ago, Beyoncé and Jay-Z did their bit to revive the memory of one of African cinema’s occult jewels, thought to be the first experimental film from Africa. Jay-Z posed on a motorbike with a big pair of zebu horns on the handlebars and Beyoncé sat behind him. It was […]

Mangrove review – Steve McQueen takes axe to racial prejudice

To watch the scene where they have nothing to do but wait for the verdict in an enclosed room, in a fog of cigarette smoke and cold tea, is to be returned to the toughness and drear of British officialdom and the law. And there is something jarring about the sight of old-fashioned police uniforms […]

Muslims have ‘right to punish’ French, says Malaysia’s Mahathir

Malaysia’s former premier Mahathir Mohamad said on Thursday Muslims have a right to “kill millions of French people for the massacres of the past” but he did not approve of the killing of a French teacher over his use of cartoons of the Prophet.

Enormous Burmese Python Caught in Florida is Largest Ever Found in State

“I have never seen a snake anywhere near this size and my hands were shaking as I approached her. Every python we catch can be potentially dangerous, but one this size? Lethal. One mistake, and I am for sure going to the hospital. But more importantly, this is a once in a lifetime snake. I […]

French Police Chief Warns of Heightened Islamic Terror Threats

Darmanin has been a proponent, alongside President Emmanuel Macron, of shutting down Islamist-linked associations and groups after the brutal beheading of teacher Samuel Paty. A teen terrorist killed him for showing cartoons of the Muslim prophet Mohammed to his class.

Video: Police remove French President Emmanuel Macron’s Macron posters stuck on Mohammad Ali road

State home minister Anil Deshmukh said, “We are inquiring into the incident regarding the posters in Mumbai. We are ensuring that the law and order situation is maintained in Mumbai and other parts of the state so as to avoid any such kind of incidents.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi strongly condemned the attacks in France, […]

Vatican condemns knife attack at French church: ‘Terrorism and violence can never be accepted’

“Terrorism and violence can never be accepted,” The Vatican said in a statement after the stabbing at a Catholic basilica in Nice, adding that Pope FrancisPope FrancisVatican condemns knife attack at French church: ‘Terrorism and violence can never be accepted’ The Hill’s Morning Report – Sponsored by Facebook – Trump, Biden search for undecided voters in final stretch Pope Francis names […]

Mahathir says remarks on French attacks taken out of context

Mahathir’s second stint as prime minister lasted from 2018 until he quit in February 2020. He has been viewed as an advocate of moderate Islamic views and a spokesman for the interests of developing countries. But at the same time, he pointedly criticised Western society and nations and their relationships to the Muslim world.

French-era railway headquarters in HCM City needs preservation

According to the 1964 Venice International Charter on the preservation and restoration of monuments, all buildings over 100 years old should be taken care of well, especially their interior spaces. Relevant authorities should re-evaluate the value of this building to determine the best conservation measures.  VNS

Weight loss story: “I lost 28 kilos in 7 months after I got fed up of taunts!”

When you are overweight, it not only impacts your physical health but also heavily affects your mental well being. When 18-year-old Aarav realised that all the extra kilos were impacting his self-confidence, he decided to bring about the necessary changes to get back in shape. In a span of just 7 months, he lost a […]