Monty Python star Michael Palin, 76, undergoes four-hour heart surgery

The legendary comedian and broadcaster continued: “My chest won’t really be ready for any gold medallions for at least six weeks, and I’m told the ticker, which enlarges to deal with the extra work-load from dysfunctional valves, may take a year to return to normal size.”

Monty Python’s Michael Palin has very lucky escape after being rescued from house fire

“But I washed my hands anyway, and by a fantastic stroke of luck, the loose tap that we never had fixed came apart, dousing the ceiling and partially extinguishing the fire.”

The sssstuff of nightmares: Horrifying moment mother catches a giant python napping in her child’s bed – as expert warns against everyday item that could see the same happen to YOU

If a snake is startled while it’s lying in wait for prey than it could lash out with a bite to defend itself. 

Michael Palin: “I am glad to be alive each morning, you get an easier ride after 75”

“With Graham, that was a terrific loss as Graham was only 48 and, dear old Gray, worked himself quite hard and drank and smoked a lot. He had given all that up and was just approaching middle age, when he was wise and loving and funny, and then it sudd­enly catches up with him, the […]

Michael Palin recalls singing to the late Terry Jones and forgetting all of the words

Palin – who met Jones when they were students at Oxford in the 1960s and went on to form Monty Python with John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Eric Idle and Terry Gilliam – said he had previously managed to Jones laugh.

Emotional Michael Palin dedicates NTAs win to late Terry Jones with hilarious ‘sick’ story

“We ask that our privacy be respected at this sensitive time and give thanks that we lived in the presence of an extraordinarily talented, playful and happy man living a truly authentic life, in his words ‘Lovingly frosted with glucose.’”

Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

6. Paul McCartney’s contributions to the album were deleted – but the Beatles made a surprise appearance on the record.Dark Side‘s songs together, Roger Waters came up with the idea of recording interviews with Abbey Road staffers, road crew members, and anyone else working at the studio – asking them a series of questions about […]

John Cleese, 80, strolls hand in hand with wife Jennifer Wade, 47, on cosy outing after second cancer scare

Speaking on Lorraine last year, the star poked fun at his messy love life, quipping: ‘Fourth wife, finally got it right! I really recommend it. If you can find a wife you really like…’

Experience: I’ve had hiccups for 12 years

When I first spoke to my family, they thought I was faking it and just making funny noises over the phone. It was only when I saw them in person that they started to believe me. They could hear me hiccupping all night, even when I was fast asleep, so they knew it was real.

Clinton and Obama to Appear Together June 26

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will appear together for the first time before an audience on June 16, reports the Daily News. The goal of the appearance, to take place at the Spitzer-besmirched Mayflower Hotel, will be to encourage her donors to give to Barack Obama.