Salesforce rolls out video tools, other products for sales reps in the COVID era

During the meeting, sales reps can use the program to take notes, queue up presentations, and view talking points during the meeting. They can also use it to show customers a branded video overlay. Also, Salesforce Meetings can show the speaker at the same time as their slides, rather than one or the other, so […]

20 best African films – ranked!

4. Cairo Station (1958) All human life is here: the phrase really does apply to Youssef Chahine’s tragicomic masterpiece. Cairo Station is the venue for a blazingly passionate drama about Qinawi, a lame newspaper vendor, played by Chahine himself, and his unrequited desire for Hanuma, the Bardot-ish lemonade seller. Chahine conducts his big cast with […]

Mangrove review – Steve McQueen takes axe to racial prejudice

To watch the scene where they have nothing to do but wait for the verdict in an enclosed room, in a fog of cigarette smoke and cold tea, is to be returned to the toughness and drear of British officialdom and the law. And there is something jarring about the sight of old-fashioned police uniforms […]

Aussie Man Finds Pair of Warring Snakes in Backyard

“After they fight, one usually heads straight back up the tree, whilst the other waits until the first snake is far enough up the tree, [then] the losing snake is able to climb the tree again without being hassled.” Persistence is key, it seems. It’s anyone’s guess which slithery warrior will win the next round.

Which iPhone 12? How to choose the iPhone model that’s right for you

SEXR1112 mini1212 Pro12 Pro Max White X X X X X Graphite X X Black X X X X X Yellow X X Blue X X X Coral X Purple X Green X X X (PRODUCT)RED X X X X X Silver X X Gold X X Pacific Blue X X But I know color […]

United and American just got a chilling reality check (from a big flyer)

Indeed, in the same Times article, well-known CEOs said that working from home allowed employees to have more time for personal wellbeing, playing with their dogs and merely spending more time with loved ones. If they can do the same deals they did before, why would they spend so much time — and company expense, […]

‘The New Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) is a much-needed structural reform’

Students of Galgotias University have also justified these efforts of the university in terms of grabbing job offers during campus placements. Galgotias University proudly observed a successful placement season for 2020 passing out B Tech and MBA students while the placement season is not over yet. Highlight of the placement season is that 90% of […]

Vietnamese teens train computer system to spot littering behavior

Only able to learn about Pascal and C++ — two programming languages considered to be on the dated side — at school with the help of their homeroom teacher, the students decided to teach themselves the coding language Python to create a system that can identify images with high precision.

The best free demos from the Steam Autumn Festival

Stirring Abyss What is it? Lovecraftian X-COM (for ‘X-COM soldiers’ read ‘divers’, for ‘aliens’ read tentacles and for ‘Avenger base’ read ‘leaking submarine’).Who’s it by? Sleepy Sentry, K-Project, Slitherine Ltd.When is it out? Q4 2020

As Tesla full self-driving goes beta, Autopilot is rated a ‘distant second’ to GM’s Super Cruise

Artificial Intelligence Stephen Hawking was wrong about AI killing humans (says robot) What is AI? Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence Best telepresence robots in 2020: Double Robotics, Meeting Owl, and more The pros and cons of AI in the courtroom (ZDNet YouTube) What it means to be human in the age of […]