Sky Views: The fall of Silicon Valley

More from Facebook Professor Sir Martin Hairer: British maths genius scoops $3m prize from Mark Zuckerberg Facebook bans new political ads before US election as Zuckerberg warns of ‘civil unrest’ Fake left-wing news organisation targeting UK and US from Russia banned by Facebook Facebook vows to block news stories in Australia rather than pay for […]

World’s most beautiful scenes in Agora’s Travel photo contest

An amazing scene captured by British photographer Kent Sampson in Utah’s Red Canyon. He said: “I found this gem of a spot whilst driving towards Bryce Canyon. As soon as I drove under it, I knew the shot I wanted to get. I parked up and went off the beaten path, hiking a nearby hill […]

Charlottesville taking down Confederate statue near the site of violent Unite the Right rally

“This is a magnificent moment,” said local community organizer Don Gathers, 61. “Much of the racial tension, strife and protest we’re seeing across the country emanates from right here in Charlottesville. But now we’re moving the needle in a positive way.”

Sau nu swagat: State gets heritage tourism policy

Policy allows pre-1950 bldgs to be used as hotels, museums; govt launches homestay policy to give visitors taste of State’s living cultural heritage Opening up ancient forts, palaces, and other heritage monuments for international and national visitors to boost the tourism sector, Gujarat government on Friday announced the State’s first heritage tourism policy. The policy […]

When the Pony Express came to SF, it was party time

Every corner in San Francisco has an astonishing story to tell. Gary Kamiya’s Portals of the Past tells those lost stories, using a specific location to illuminate San Francisco’s extraordinary history — from the days when giant mammoths wandered through what is now North Beach to the Gold Rush delirium, the dot-com madness and beyond. […]

The developers behind Alto’s Adventure have a new studio focused on ‘folk’ games

“With the Alto games, we really only began to scratch the surface with the kinds of stories we want to tell,” Nesbitt says. “We believe there’s an opportunity to put the narrative much more front and center for what we’re working on next. We want players to feel like they’ve gone on a journey and […]

Crowds cheer as statue of a Confederate soldier is taken down near site of violent 2017 Charlottesville rally after standing for 111 years outside a county courthouse

Last year, a circuit court judge declared that the statue cannot be removed without permission from the state because it meets classification as a ‘memorial for war veterans’. A such, the judge ruled, it is protected by Virginia law.   

15 of the best easy rural escapes from UK cities

On the last 20 miles of its journey down to the Severn estuary, the River Wye meanders through a series of heavily wooded limestone cliffs. One of its most dramatic swerves is around the Lancaut “peninsula” just north of Chepstow, where a westward and then an eastward turn has almost created an island. This scenic […]

‘We Have a Lot of Work to Do’: Charlottesville Finally Removes Its First Confederate Statue

A crew of workers clad in masks and surrounded by social-distancing barricades worked Saturday to remove “At Ready,” a bronze statue of a Confederate soldier erected outside the Albemarle County courthouse in 1909. While not the focus of the 2017 neo-Nazi show-down, the statute is located just blocks from the monument that the groups hosting […]

Ohio Auto Workers Watch a Way of Life Circle the Drain

I spent a long weekday morning in Monty Woolley’s dim, curtained living room, listening to his story. The neatly mown neighborhood of low-roofed bungalows outside was quiet, people off to their jobs. Woolley sat in the recliner where he’d been spending too much time lately, shoeless, anxious for the mail to arrive, expecting an envelope […]