Pam and Jim vs. Maddie and David: Who Is the Better Couple?

Before Glenn Gordon Caron created Moonlighting in 1985, the TV detective genre had taken a turn for the moribund, far removed from the smart, stylish ’70s heyday of Columbo, The Rockford Files, and McMillan & Wife. Caron — who also helped launch the similarly snazzy Remington Steele in 1982 — brought fast talk and sex […]

Meredith and Derek vs. Brian and Justin: Who Is the Better Couple?

Meredith came into love through a backdoor, telling herself that it wasn’t real — too dangerous, too concrete — until she was trapped by the very real, positive ways it affected her life. Justin shoved his way into love, believing in it when his partner was actively resisting, and only won when he stopped struggling […]

Clair and Cliff vs. Philip and Elizabeth: Who Is the Better Couple?

Yet The Americans is as much about ’80s family values as The Cosby Show, and Philip and Elizabeth are as thoughtful and sensitive about how they raise their children as Cliff and Clair Huxtable, if not as blanketed by righteousness. When they sit in the living room with Paige and Henry, watching The Day After […]

The Best TV Couple of the Past 30 Years, Round One: Homer and Marge vs. Don and Betty

But Mad Men was never much committed to, well, commitment, and as such never defined itself by its couples. Joan’s story wasn’t about Roger, it was about Joan’s own self-actualization. When we think of Peggy, we’re not picturing Stan or even squirrelly Pete Campbell, but rather the moment she strolled down the hall like a […]

COVID-19: Emmerdale star Charley Webb teams up with sister for addictive self-isolation videos

On her own Instagram Cassie added: “Natural and fresh smoky eye…. did you even know that was a thing? If your style is ‘less is more’ you can still go for a smoky eye but keeping it subtle. This look is so simple to do and naturally defines all your best bits. It’s on my […]

Steven Universe Creator Rebecca Sugar Talks the Finale, Life After Steven, and Fandom

That’s so hard, because I really love so many of them. Let’s see. It’s hard to choose a favorite episode. You know, I think… I think I would say “Mr. Greg,” because it was the first time we did a full musical episode, and making a musical was a real lifetime dream. I remember getting […]

Kelly Clarkson ‘Never Felt Sexually Attracted to Anybody’ Before Husband Brandon Blackstock

“My guitar player’s wife Ashley was my date for that night and we had just both been in crap relationships,” Clarkson explained. “Sometimes it sucks dating because it’s so many wrong ones until you get the right one. And we were like, ‘Okay, what we’ve been doing wrong here’ — because it was a country […]

Sushant Singh Rajput parties with flatmate Siddharth Gupta

Arjun Kapoor wishes father Boney Kapoor on his birthdayNamaste England actor Arjun Kapoor took to Instagram to wish his father a happy birthday by posting a family photo. He recalled an iconic dialogue from Boney Kapoor’s film and captioned the picture, “U made a film Called #MrIndia. The film had a very relevant line ‘Zindagi […]

Sanjay Dutt joins cast of Ashutosh Gowariker’s next production with Rajiv Kapoor

It’s throwback Thursday for Ajay Devgn!New year’s eve was just 10 days ago and Ajay Devgn is already missing the trip he took to Thailand with actress wife Kajol and his children Nysa and Yug. On Thursday, Ajay tweeted a picture of his, Nysa and Yug’s and captioned it, “Smiling again, looking at this.” The […]

Thomas Rhett Opens Up About Raising Daughter Willa: ‘It Feels Like She Never Wasn’t’ Ours

Both girls have been on tour and on stage with dad, which Thomas Rhett says is a dream come true. “Probably as early as high school, I thought if I had kids and I got to tour one day that I’d want my kids to be a full part of that touring life,” says the […]