Sunshine Horizon – The prosperous symbolic twin towers in the heart of District 4

Especially for urbanites, a chance to embrace nature’s resort overlooking the green landscape is a priceless gift. Strolling along private walkways to breathe in fresh air and enjoy the various plant shades can relax the body, calm the mind, stimulate the senses and inspire creativity. The ample greenery space and water areas uniquely transform the […]

The Kardashian kuties who could become bigger stars than their parents – from ‘Kim’s twin’ North to Kylie’s daughter

Last, but not least, is the youngest of the lot – tiny Psalm. Although still so little he could get lost in the menagerie of Kardashians, he’s a little fighter that loves to squeeze into all the family pics, follow the other kids around and has been described as the ‘happiest baby alive’ by mum […]

Beyoncé shares first pics of twins since birth – and they look so grown up!

Beyonce’s mum Tina Knowles opened up about the couple’s twins, and at Blue’s skills as a big sister, telling Entertainment Tonight: “[Blue Ivy] is very proud and excited. She’s a good big sister and cares for them a lot. We’re very excited. It’s a wonderful experience.” She also told “Blue Ivy is doing well. […]

Pope Francis Praises Eating and Sex as Pleasures That ‘Come From God’

During the dialogues, the pope, who was born Jorge Bergoglio in Argentina, described the pleasures of a well-cooked meal and “sexual pleasure.” In his view, these had previously fallen victim to “overzealousness” by the Catholic Church in the past in what was a “wrong interpretation of the Christian message.”

Tycoon Manoli Olympitis reveals how he bedded some of the world’s most glamorous women – including a Greek princess, gambled his fortune and defied the Mafia in gripping memoir

Recalling the terrifying call, Olympitis writes: ‘Here’s what I think you should do. It’s time to go home. Go home. Go back to New York. Go back to your son, to your wife, your family. They need you. That’s where you belong. Go home. You understand me?’

We try out James Bond’s £3.3m Aston Martin DB5 with twin machine guns, smoke screen and battering rams

The jiggly wing mirrors that look great but are totally useless. It assaults all of your senses. That’s not to say this is faster than a modern hot hatch. Because it’s not.

Family begs for resumed search of 40 men missing near Japan after cargo ship capsized

Given the two survivors said they were the last names to be called to the control room after the distress call, Ms Hastings said she has “reason to believe that with life boats and the time Will had to prepare, that he and many others really could still be out there”.

Sunday Drive: Jaguar I-Pace SE

But, like us at Stuff Motoring, these awards are based on road test stints and aren’t entirely reflective of real-world ownership. We can’t say that any given model won’t develop rattles or squeaks after six months, or that the digital screens and slick rotary knobs won’t simply stop working after a voracious child has a […]

Holiday in Cornwall: our insider’s guide to the best beaches, where to stay, cheap eats and the best things to see and do

The county actually has a whopping 70 museums from Truro’s Royal Cornwall Museum , featuring the entire history of the county from prehistoric times and currently including a Poldark exhibition, to Geevor Tin Mine and the Telegraph Museum Porthcurno, demonstrating how Cornwall played a major part in the history of communication.

Real-Life Cops, and Me

Was there anything in my life — my actual life, the part not lived on the carpet in front of a TV set — to contradict this? Not yet, but my world was changing. The great cratering of New York City was now at its most dire — it was the era of overflowing trash […]