Mystery Group Claims Iran Nuclear Site Attack Amid String of Incidents

Behrouz Kamalvandi, spokesperson for the Iran Atomic Energy Organization, told the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency on Thursday that an incident had occurred at the Natanz nuclear facility in central Isfahan province south of Tehran. He downplayed the event, saying it did not inflict casualties or cause extensive destruction or radioactive pollution due to the […]

Why Former Israeli Intel Chief Calls on Trump Not to Quit Nuclear Deal with Iran

Last week, a senior US administration official said that President Trump is expected to announce that he will decertify the landmark deal, more properly called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which was signed in 2015 between Tehran, the five Security Council powers and Germany. The US leader had previously called the deal “an embarrassment” and “the worst […]

China’s worrisome edge toward a ‘launch-on-warning’ nuclear posture

A launch-on-warning posture raises a host of problems. It compresses the time available to frame and deliver a response. The potential for error is immense. Early-warning radars may give false indications of a strike. People may misinterpret the data under extreme stress. Worse, data are oftentimes ambiguous. Weapons are black boxes to outside observers. It’s […]

Kim Jong-un ‘in coma’ with North Korea passing power to sister, diplomat claims

“It’s probably better to have Kim Jong-un ruling, which is horrible to say but it appears that the economy is better under him than it has been, or at least as good as it’s ever been under any of the Kims,” he said.

On the 75th Anniversary of Hiroshima, Here’s Where the World Stands With Nuclear Weapons

The U.S. signed that treaty during the Obama administration, along with the European Union, the U.K., France, Germany, China and Russia. Under the agreement, Iran agreed to curb its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief. But President Donald Trump, who had long criticized the deal, withdrew the U.S. from the treaty in 2018, despite […]

Neymar agrees world-record £450m transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain

More from World Coronavirus: Israel becomes first country in the world to impose second national lockdown UK ‘could face threat of Russian nuclear-powered missile that can fly around the Earth for years’ Coronavirus: France reports highest number of daily COVID cases since pandemic began Neymar claims he was racially abused by opponent as mass brawl […]

Analysis: China’s rise takes the world into uncharted waters

As Japan did, China is butting heads with the established Western powers, which increasingly see its growing economic and military prowess as a threat. In turn, China, again like Japan, feels the West is trying to limit its rise, fueling nationalistic sentiment among both its public and leaders.

Former EPA head talks clean power, nuclear, and Bush’s climate reversal

And I did indicate to the president that I thought the country was doing enough anyway through voluntary programs that we could combine those to show what was happening and say we’re going to continue to work with you on carbon but we’re not going to endorse Kyoto. And that, I think, would have satisfied a lot […]

North Korea May Still Want to Add to Its Nuclear Arsenal in Future – Analysts

The temporary respite in tension has seemingly come to an end, as Trump has called off the summit and accused North Korea of aggression, leading some to believe that it’s not time to convert the underground bunker to a home cinema just yet. Sputnik spoke with James Dwyer, Teaching Fellow at the University Of Tasmania and Colin Alexander, lecturer in politics at Nottingham Trent University for more […]

Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif Blasts US Approach to Nuclear Missiles as ‘Breathtaking Hypocrisy’

Meanwhile, Washington strongly opposed the development of Iran’s nuclear programme, accusing the country of violating the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) that was signed in July 2015 by Iran, China, Russia, United States, France, Germany, the EU, and the United Kingdom. Under the deal, Iran agreed to cut its stockpile of low-enriched uranium and completely eliminate […]