Stimulus negotiations: ‘Productive’ meetings don’t mean progress

It’s something the Kentucky Republican teed up last week as a backstop of sorts — should no progress be made by the negotiators, he’d start a process moving on the floor. It’s not a process that will lead to an outcome in and of itself, but it will be designed to force Democrats onto the […]

Work from home: Build a super-functional home office for $1,200

There were a few items that didn’t go up in price and two that actually went down by a few bucks. But then there are the items that had huge increases. You’ll see: for each item, we’ve listed both the March and August pricing. It’s not pretty, but I guess it could be worse. Or […]

Boohoo reviews British supply chain after factory report fallout

Boohoo has grown rapidly since it was founded in Manchester in 2006 and at Friday’s market close was valued at nearly 5 billion pounds, more than double that of Marks & Spencer (MKS.L), Britain’s largest clothing retailer by sales value.

Germany is having an existential crisis about cars

America’s automakers hit rock bottom in the eyes of the public when their executives went to Washington in 2008 to beg for a bailout — in corporate jets.Now it’s the German car industry’s turn to suffer an image crisis and, as with General Motors Co. and Chrysler a decade ago, it couldn’t be happening at […]

Lean on me: How CEOs are helping each other lead through the pandemic

Ditch the “return to normal” mindset  Even when the pandemic is behind us, we’re still not returning to “normal” as we know it. Every CEO should reimagine the future with a fresh lens. At Okta, we’ve prioritized building our “Dynamic Work” plan—a strategy that allows employees to work when and where they want and offers […]

Companies await pick-up in demand to boost manufacturing

manufacturing facilities across sectors still operating below optimum levels, India Inc awaits a pick-up in demand to ramp up production capacities as Lockdown 4.0 ends and Unlock 1.0 begins.Several manufacturers TOI spoke to across sectors said their operations are running below 100% capacity. While those operating in essential services, such as pharmaceuticals and fast-moving consumer […]

Dark side of wine labeling: A California winemaker’s Oregon controversy

The discipline of wine has plenty of dry sub-topics — no pun intended. I can’t tell you the number of interview hours I’ve spent discussing winery sanitation practices (which by the way are more important than you think!). Generally, wine labeling is another one of those subjects that’s almost impossible for a writer to turn […]

Anas Bukhash: Confronting taboos in the Gulf

“My society is also a shy society, which means they won’t confront you and tell you, ‘by the way, I didn’t like what you said,’” Bukhash says. “We Arabs, and people from the [Gulf] region are brought up to have many elephants in the room, but nobody talks about the elephant, it’s just sitting there. […]

Techo Electra Saathi Electric Moped Launched In India: Priced At Rs 57,697

The Techo Electra Saathi cater to a wide variety of buyers who are looking for a scooter to travel short distances. With its enhanced practicality, it will also attract fleet operators and delivery companies. The Techo Electra Saathi will rival the recently launched Gemopai Miso electric scooter in the Indian market.

Cornflakes for lunch! German parents say open school before mum goes nuts

“It is OK that you have a screaming kid in the background or a dog running around,” she said. “Now I am talking about my kids with my team quite a lot so they can see it is possible to have kids and responsibility in the company.”