So Is Berserk Jetblue Flight Attendant Steven Slater a Folk Hero Yet?

When we first read the story of JetBlue steward Steven Slater, who went crazy yesterday after a passenger rudely bonked him on the head with a piece of luggage, our takeaway was simple: This guy’s going to become a folk hero. This morning in the Daily News, columnist Joanna Molloy decided it had already happened, […]

‘You are a superhero’: Shark tank investor Robert Herjavec gushes over his dancer wife Kym Johnson, 42, after enduring a 15 hour flight with their 11-month-old twins

‘There are all sorts of heroes – shout out to my amazing wife who is a superhero – flying by herself to Australia for 15 hours with (not even) 1 year old twins!,’ Kym’s husband Robert Herjavec praised his wife for her patience 

‘You are nothing but a glorified maid ‘: American Airlines bans passenger after she handed a profanity-filled note to a flight attendant calling her a ‘mask Nazi’

The indignant passenger continued, further ratcheting up her rhetoric: ‘The very fact that we have to listen & kowtow to a nobody who does s*** except collect our trash and serve crappy food makes me absolutely ill. You are a mask nazi [sic] and a 4 eyed c*** and if it wasn’t for this job, […]

Allegiant Air passenger removed for ‘disrupting’ flight after allegedly asking flight attendant to wear face mask

According to Allegiant, face coverings are required for all phases of travel, including at the ticket counter, gate area and during the duration of a flight. They also noted that every airline passenger is provided with a mask and disinfectant wipes and that their health acknowledgement questionnaire required at check in includes an agreement to wear a mask […]

American Airlines Bans Woman Who Called Flight Attendant ‘Mask Nazi’

The note reads, in part, “You mean s**t in life. You are nothing but a glorified maid who needs to jump down off her high horse and learn how to speak to ppl. Nobody cares about your stupid seat policies or your nose issues. We pay your salary and your attitude is unnecessary.”

American Airlines Allows Flight Attendants to Wear Black Lives Matter Pins

This is why American is so committed to creating a more tolerant and diverse team. Through our partnership with American’s office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, we are continuing to work through an overall plan for addressing these issues in our workplace.

JetBlue Flight Attendant Grabbed Two Beers Before Fleeing Onboard Scuffle

One passenger got out of his seat to fetch his belongings from the overhead compartment before the crew had given permission. Mr. Slater instructed the man to remain seated. The passenger defied him. Mr. Slater approached and reached the passenger just as he pulled down his luggage, which struck Mr. Slater in the head. Mr. […]

And As for Folk-Hero Flight Attendant Steven Slater …

Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who got so sick of his job’s unfair demands that he grabbed some beer and jumped from an airplane, fleeing to the warm embraces of his boyfriend, has been fired. Well, JetBlue spokeswoman Jenny Dervin confirmed yesterday that Slater “no longer works for the airline,” but declined to elaborate […]

Elderly passenger ‘kicked off plane after telling flight attendant to wear mask’

One wrote: “@Allegiant How am I supposed to feel safe flying when my chatty Kathy flight attendant isn’t even wearing her mask properly and keeps taking it off?!? Safety first or last…?”

American Airlines Bans Woman Who Called Flight Attendant ‘Mask Nazi’

Several people who replied to the tweet questioned the veracity of the note, apparently written on the waste/vomit bag in the seatback. But American Airlines confirmed the incident to TMZ, saying it is investigating the note and it has already suspended the customer’s ability to travel on its planes.