Beirut explosion – Frantic search for hundreds of survivors trapped under rubble after blast so big it tore off clothes

The charity said: “Save the Children teams on the ground reported entire streets wiped out, with children unaccounted for as rescue teams work through destroyed buildings to get people out of the rubble.

Full extent of Russian meddling laid bare – from assassinations to social media

“These relationships should be carefully scrutinised, given the potential for the Russian state to exploit them.” It noted that MPs must register payments over £100 for any work outside Parliament, but “this does not apply to the House of Lords”.

Kubica “paid heavy penalty for inexperience” on DTM debut

Read Also: DTM cars cross 300km/h for the first time Audi was in a “different world” to BMW at Spa Kubica returns to Alfa Romeo cockpit for Silverstone FP1 The highlight of Kubica’s weekend was the practice session on Saturday morning, where the 35-year old thrived on a damp track to set the fourth-fastest lap […]

Rep. Marshall’s primary win in Kansas buoys GOP Senate hopes

“Marshall does not have a caustic personality,” said Joan Wagnon, a former Kansas Democratic Party chairwoman and Topeka mayor. “He doesn’t engender that ‘Oh, God, we’ve got to get rid of him,’ like even the Republicans were feeling about Kobach.”

Three Things to Know: Luka Doncic, Devin Booker show bubble is for the young

2) Luka Doncic‘s historic triple-double reminder Mavericks are playoff threat Those stumbling Clippers mentioned above most likely will face the Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the playoffs — and that has upset potential. In part because the Clippers have yet to find the chemistry and cohesion in the bubble — or have their […]

5 things to know for August 5: Beirut, coronavirus, election, airlines, Taiwan

“Tragically, thousands have died at the hands of law enforcement over the years, and the death toll continues to rise. Countless more have suffered from other forms of abuse and misconduct by police. Qualified immunity has served as a shield for these officers, protecting them from accountability.”

How two professors leading Oxford University’s coronavirus trial and Chinese tech giant Huawei could profit if the experimental jab is proven to work

OSI has raised £600m in four years from 70 shareholders, including Temasek Holdings, which is owned by the Singapore government, GV, an investment firm owned by Google, the Chinese drugmaker Fosun Pharma, and the Wellcome Trust, a research charity based in London. 

Hero PC Andrew Harper’s mother slams ‘unduly lenient’ sentences for her son’s killers who will go free in eight years – as she welcomes review of their jail terms

I had to wake his brother that morning on the 16th August and tell him his brother was gone. Andrew’s younger step-sister has spent the last few months looking out for me despite losing her big brother. She looked up to him and adored him as did Andrew’s whole family including grandparents and Andrew’s step-dad […]

Dog shelter slaughter: Horrifying moment volunteer discovers 24 animals beaten to death at Tunisian refuge after locals killed puppies and tortured one by forcing nails into its eye

‘You can’t treat them like dogs in a closed area. They are free and always in the sea and the sand. They may look dirty but they are happy. My dogs are my family so I refuse any accusations.’ 

Delingpole: We Need a Kingslayer to Deal with the Mad Monarch Boris

In Game of Thrones, Jaime Lannister acquired the epithet Kingslayer because he killed the ‘Mad King’ Aerys Targaryen. Aerys’s reign began well but descended into chaos as the king went mad, so the maligned Jaime in fact did the Seven Kingdoms a massive favour. It’s not clear whether or not Boris Johnson has actually been […]