Dystopian Deeds: How China’s top-notch mass surveillance system threatens global freedoms

“The government can use these social credit scores to impose restrictions on travel, banking, scholarship, and other pursuits, thereby forcing Chinese citizens to abide by the Communist Party’s desires or accept serious personal and professional restrictions,” explained Zack Cooper, a research fellow, and China policy expert at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). “Many of these […]

Relief for Madeleine McCann investigators after the EU’s top court moves to throw out suspect Christian Bruekner’s bid for freedom

Last month German police named the serial sex offender as their prime suspect in the kidnap and murder of three-year-old Madeleine who vanished on May 3rd 2007 while on holiday in Praia da Luz with parents Kate and Gerry McCann.

David Bowie did not know he was dying until final few months

“I think everyone would like me to say he was turning up to the studio to record Blackstar and he was terribly ill, but I don’t think he was. There are musicians in the Blackstar band who didn’t even know. We all now know he was ill, we know he was undergoing treatment, but it […]

‘Strange Fruit’: The Timely Return of One of America’s Most Powerful Protest Songs

Holiday wasn’t immediately sure her audiences would want to hear the song. “I was scared people would hate it,” she wrote in her memoir, Lady Sings the Blues. “The first time I sang it I thought it was a mistake and I had been right being scared. There wasn’t even a patter of applause when […]

‘Rock On’ Singer Tucker Beathard Readies Debut Album ‘Nobody’s Everything’

“This whole album is a product of the three of us feeling like we had something to prove. We went down into a basement homemade studio and did it for the right reasons: to have fun and make music we believed in,” says Beathard. “It felt like we were cast out down there, but it […]

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker review – stunning trio of dance films

In fact, Achterland feels like two dance suites – one for three men, another for five women – that first intersect and finally mesh. The men keep hurtling by like passing skateboarders, while the women run the gamut from turbulence to quiet introspection, skittishness and power-dressing. A whole set of moves derives from the strictures […]

Composer Ted Hearne Examines White Complicity in the Displacement of Black Americans

As a white artist, straight man, father to white children, part of my ongoing spiritual battle is a personal reckoning with my own complicity in these systems of oppression. How can I be a good ancestor? My collaboration with Saul is one aspect of that self-interrogation. His text continues to give me gifts, trials, and […]

Belarus court hands DW reporter 10-day prison sentence

Media crackdown This is Burakov’s second short prison sentence this year. He was previously seized on May 8 and sentenced to 10 days in a temporary detention facility. DW attempted to contact Burakov several times in vain on Thursday: His mobile phone had been switched off.

Effort to bar child marriage in California runs into opposition

As the emotional fight unfolds in Sacramento, there’s no agreement even about a basic piece of information — how many minors get married each year in California. People who want to limit such marriages say the total is in the thousands, while those who oppose the bill say that’s vastly inflated.

Q&A: What’s up with Trump’s orders on TikTok and WeChat?

But it’s far from clear what the administration intends to actually do when the bans take effect in 45 days, since the orders are currently blank checks waiting to be filled in. Uncertainty also surrounds what effect the orders will have on the apps’ users, whether the administration will face legal challenges over its authority […]