New Records Drop Every Minute. But Back-Catalogs Are Driving The Music Industry’s Transformation

If you took the recordings or publishing catalog of any major music company today and dumped it in a basket — away from all overhead, untouched and unloved — the popularity of streaming would still provide you with a significant guaranteed return each year. Considering the complete lack of operative costs involved in this structure, […]

Tune-Yards: ‘The shared experience of music is sacred’

How did the radio show come about?Nikki Nack I asked the label and a few other people “are there any women out there producing records?” And there were a lot of blank stares. That really disturbed me, so I went on my own hunt and of course – of course – there are thousands upon […]

Sibelius: where to start with his music

Why his music still matters Although he was never regarded as an avant garde figure like his modernist contemporaries Stravinsky, Schoenberg and Bartók, Sibelius was a huge influence on many younger composers in the interwar years. In the UK, composers such as Vaughan Williams, Arnold Bax and EJ Moeran admired him for the originality and […]

Black Concert Promoters Want to Talk About Live Music’s Exclusion Problem

Shelby Joyner: Those bigger opportunities never get to us. By the time we hear about a tour, we’re seeing the announcements in the media. These deals happen behind the scenes and we don’t even get a seat at the table. At the end of the day, there’s a lot of people who are investing in […]

J Hus, Stefflon Don and Dizzee Rascal: Rated awards celebrate black British music

The only female winner was Stefflon Don, who beat artists including Little Simz, Ms Banks and Lady Leshurr in the female artist of the year category. The collective D-Block Europe, led by Young Adz and Dirtbike LB, were named male artist of the year. They were the night’s biggest winners, also collecting mixtape of the […]

Rethinking music, by percussionist Martin Grubinger

No, I like it better that way. Some people are just more sensitive, and I don’t want to scare them off. Nor do I want the musicians to get restless if they see visitors in the front rows sticking their fingers in their ears. But we don’t want to emasculate this music. We really want […]

Honey Singh: If my music is Rolls-Royce, Badshah is Nano

It was also reported thatHoney had a fight with superstar Shah Rukh Khanduring the latter’s world tour, but the “Angreji Beat” hitmaker dismissed the reports. “Nothing like that happened. We have great relations (with each other). I met him after one-and-a-half years at an award function (recently), we couldn’t meet earlier.”

WU LYF – so good at being a band that nobody’s asked about their music yet

More than a band, WU LYF claim to be a movement, the World Unite! Lucifer Youth Foundation. In an era where every secret can be Googled, where artists stream confessionals from hotel rooms and tweet banalities to millions, there is something captivating about a group that veils, feints and throws obstacles in our way. For […]

Music conference to celebrate singer, educator Patterson

“The extraordinary breadth of Professor Patterson’s career — as performer, professor, university administrator, scholar of and leader in African American music — make his collection an invaluable addition to the holdings of the Bentley Historical Library,” said Terrence McDonald, the Bentley’s director.

Justin Bieber lip syncs lyric name dropping ex Selena Gomez while living a dreamy life of excess in Drake and DJ Khaled’s music video for Popstar

Just a dream: As the song ends, Justin is once again waking up but this time he is not in a house filled with people but in bed next to his wife Hailey Bieber, telling her about the party-filled dream