Male bottlenose dolphins form gangs to get a mate

While many male animals coordinate their calls or displays as part of a rivalry — for example, the flashing of fireflies — humans and dolphins are the only species that do it in order to cooperate, a team of researchers from the Universities of Western Australia and Bristol in the UK has found.

JNUEE 2020 application form deadline extended amid COVID-19 outbreak

The students’ union had requested the varsity administration to extend the deadline in view of the national lockdown imposed by the Centre to arrest the spread of the deadly disease. “Due to the COVID-19 challenging times, the application deadline for JNU entrance exam (JNUEE) is extended and students can make use of this extended time […]

White People Barred From Asking Questions at Anti-Racist Event at Scottish University – Reports

“We will not be giving the microphone to white people during the Q&As, not because we don’t think white people have anything to offer to the discussion, but because we want to amplify the voices of people of colour”, the organisers said, as reported by The Scotsman. “If you are a white person with a […]

Universal basic income is not a magic solution, but it could help millions

The tragedy for those who believe in progressive change would be if this debate was stifled. If we as a society are serious about creating a greater level of security and dignity for all then this debate needs to be widened rather than curtailed. If we can’t discuss sensibly some of the most significant economic […]

SIHUB boosts connections to form million-dollar startups

“We want to help turn your startup ideas into reality. Besides training activities of the Incubation Center, Expara and SIHUB will continue to support you to attract capital, seek potential markets and investors. Since the Republic of Korea is one of the leaders in applying technology into innovation, we decide that this country is our […]

Kevin Feige on ‘Young Avengers’ Coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

With characters from the Young Avengers roster as its known by Marvel Comics fans growing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one of the characters will serve a key role in the upcoming Ant-Man and The Wasp as Cassie Lang’s screen time expands. Feige was asked directly if this, combined with the Cloak & Dagger characters […]

Nasarawa: How I’ll stop herdsmen/farmer clashes, Sule, APC gov candidate

Sule made the declaration at a press conference where he unveiled his running mate, Dr. Emmanuel Akagbe. He said that if elected his administration would introduce a community-based security system and other security measures that would guarantee the safety of lives and property in the state.

Midwestern University Announces Tuition Freeze

Midwestern University is proud to educate the next generation of healthcare professionals. In light of recent events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Midwestern University is proud to educate the next generation of healthcare professionals. In light of recent events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Midwestern University has decided to freeze its tuition rates for the upcoming 2020-2021 […]

22 Movies That Form a Secret Cinematic Universe

In the first Die Hard, a stolen Pacific Courier vehicle serves as the Trojan horse that allows the bad guys to quietly enter Nakatomi Tower. In the third Die Hard film, Die Hard with a Vengeance, we see the fictitious company’s fictitious sister company, Atlantic Courier. Die Hard director of photography Jan de Bont directed […]

Bacteria Help Form Clouds

“Understanding which particles form ice nuclei, which occur at extremely low concentrations and are inherently difficult to measure, means you can further understand processes that result in precipitation,” said study team member Kim Prather of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, Calif.