Egypt’s Army Stopped Weapons, Drugs Smuggling From Libya – Spokesperson

In addition, the military confiscated a large consignment of drugs — about a million pills and one tonne of other drugs. Egypt’s army statement follows the announcement of Russian President Vladimir Putin on October 17 that Egypt and Russia will continue to jointly work on searching for ways to overcome the internal political crisis in Libya.

Army, ITBP start joint exercise along China border in Himachal Pradesh

China’s building a road on no man’s land between the two countries came to fore after villagers of Kunnu-Charang in Kinnaur informed the local administration and border patrol in June. China has speeded up road construction along the border in the Tango and Yamrang regions that lie opposite the Chitkul and Charang villages on the […]

California Creek Fire Map, Update As ‘Phenomenal Amount’ of Sierra National Forest Burned

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) warned in its latest report Tuesday: “The heavy fuels, especially the high tree mortality, will continue to be an issue for control efforts. This combined with the limited access and difficult terrain will allow the fire to continue to spread into the forest

Army’s most senior officer rejects Donald Trump’s claim that generals pursue war to enrich defense firms saying troops are ONLY sent to fight as ‘a last resort’

Most of the military budget goes nowhere near the ‘industrial’ part of the complex, with the majority spent on pay and benefits, including veterans affairs, reflecting the cost both of professional armed forces and the ongoing care of those who served in earlier eras of mass mobilization and the most recent post-2001 conflicts. 

Weary hikers among 148 saved from wildfire near Yosemite are seen stepping off National Guard helicopter as rescuers attempt to reach 65 others still trapped – while 25 blazes torch a record two million acres across California

California’s largest utility shuts off power to 172,000 customers Pacific Gas & Electric, California’s largest utility, has turned off power for 172,000 customers in an effort to avoid adding to the fires already ravaging the state.   

Libya’s NOC welcomes oil restart proposal, calls for military withdrawal

CAIRO: Libya’s National Oil Corporation welcomed on Friday proposals from both sides in the country’s conflict to lift a seven-month oil blockade and place revenues in a special bank account until a political deal is reached.”NOC reiterates its call for all oil facilities to be freed from military occupation to ensure the security and safety […]

‘Parliament Will Stand Firmly Behind Soldiers Guarding Our Borders’: PM Modi Praises Indian Army

“Our soldiers are standing firm at the borders with a lot of courage, passion, and a strong resolve to protect their motherland. They are standing on difficult heights and in a few days, will weather snow. In the same manner, I am confident Parliament will send a message, in one voice, that it stands firmly […]

Close Quarter Face-off Erupts in Rezang La as Chinese Troops Attempt to Dislodge Indian Army

The People’s Liberation Army claimed that the Chinese border guards had been forced to take countermeasures to control and stabilise the situation on Monday night. Nevertheless, the Indian Army categorically refuted the allegation, saying “at no stage has the Indian Army transgressed across the LAC or resorted to use of any aggressive means, including firing”.

More than 200 people trapped by the raging Creek wildfire near Mammoth Pool Reservoir are rescued by California National Guard’s helicopters – as state warns of blackouts amid blazes and record-breaking heatwave

Officials initially said Saturday that more than 150 people were cut off at the Mammoth Pool Reservoir in the Forest. Fire radio traffic indicated that multiple people had sustained burn injuries and others broken bones in the Creek Fire, and were being rescued by helicopter.

Russia Furious as NATO Launches 31-nation Military Exercise in Largest Drill Since Cold War

Stoltenberg explained the 50,000 troops, split into two teams, would “take turns playing the role of the fictitious aggressor and the NATO defending forces. The exercise will test our readiness to restore the sovereignty of an ally—in this case Norway—after an act of armed aggression,” Stoltenberg explained, adding, “This scenario is fictitious but the lessons […]