San Antonio River Authority announces park closures for Fourth of July weekend

The closures are to prevent people from gathering in large groups and to slow the rise in coronavirus infections. On Wednesday, Bexar County reported 439 more cases of COVID-19 and the number of people hospitalized with the disease has surpassed 1,000.

Shadow of War: Carnán Quests – Violent Nature, Carnán’s Bane, Frozen Flame and how to defeat Carnán and Tar Goroth

He can Curse you slowing your health regeneration, and he has a Vault Breaker that stops you from leaping over him, but beyond that he’s a fairly straightforward opponent. He’s vulnerable to fire, so if you see him standing too close to a Grog Barrel a quick ranged attack to blow it up can work […]

Environmental message lost as Insta-traffic takes toll on Tasmania’s natural wonders

“We consider a number of elements when selecting images for reposting, that show a range of travel experiences to appeal to a broad range of travellers, interests and activity levels, including a spread of images from across Tasmania’s regions,” they said.

Pakistan’s tree-planting push has a sweetener: more honey

As part of Pakistan’s efforts to offset the impacts of climate change by rehabilitating forests, conserving soil and improving water management, 3.5 million trees were planted on 6,000 acres (2,428 hectares) in Changa Manga, known as one of the world’s largest man-made forests, near the city of Lahore.

Siberia temperatures hit record for June as wildfires spread

GENEVA/MOSCOW (Reuters) – Temperatures in Arctic Siberia soared to a record average for June, more than 5 degrees Celsius (9°F) above normal, in a heat wave that is stoking some of the worst wildfires the region has ever known, European Union data showed on Tuesday.

7 dead in Assam floods, landslips; toll 57

Slight reduction in number of affected villages “The situation, however, has improved a little with the number of affected villages and localities decreasing from 2,235 to 2,197 across 21 districts. But the number of flood-affected people has increased by about 20,000 to reach 14.95 lakh,” an ASDMA spokesperson said.

Big in 2020: Röki explores the real and the fantastical with misunderstood monsters inspired by Scandinavian folklore

The troll, it would seem, is more afraid of you than you are of it. Röki plays around with the nature of what it means to be a “monster”, inspired by fairy tales that tend to surround unassuming children in unusual situations and extraordinary creatures. The studio wanted to build Röki around the idea of […]

Lost in the long white cloud

Give them a few weeks to recover but they would be back. Yes, they had heard about the charcoal and the fires and the heat perhaps taking the thin metal frame of Aotearoa, the Long White Cloud, registration G-AUNZ. But there was still something else, Mortimer said. That metre-long cylinder of steel, aluminium and bronze […]

Lonar lake in ‘pathetic’ condition: HC raps state for callous approach to preserving geo-heritage site

Suman Chandra, district collector and magistrate, Buldhana, said, “There has been no intentional negligence. Over the past three months, there was a delay due to Covid-19. Special efforts will be made to ensure that all directions of the HC are complied with at the earliest. Meanwhile, the lake colour has normalised after rain that led […]

Trump’s risky nose-to-nose challenge to China in the South China Sea

But rarely have the two superpowers come into such direct military proximity with significant naval forces than this week. “The purpose [of the planned exercises] is to show an unambiguous signal to our partners and allies that we are committed to regional security and stability,” said Rear Admiral George Wikoff, the operation’s commander, adding that […]