‘We did NOT go too far’: Derbyshire chief constable defends officers using drones to stalk hill walkers and dying a lagoon black by saying tactics were less ‘draconian’ as other forces and they were ‘protecting the public’

She told LBC yesterday: ‘We are all getting used to the new restrictions and I’ve been very clear that in the first instance I want my officers to be engaging with people, talking to people, encouraging them to comply. Explaining, of course, if they don’t understand – already we have had examples of people who […]

China came to Pakistan’s aid as soon as it controlled coronavirus outbreak: PM

The prime minister said that 25% of Pakistan’s population were the poor who couldn’t afford two meals a day. He said that if the government was unable to look after the unemployed, then the lockdown will not be successful.

Inside David Cameron’s doomed bunker where the war for Remain was lost as former aide reveals the plots, betrayals and broken friendships that came with the vote to leave the EU

We watch the huge gathering at Wembley — Ruth Davidson and Amber Rudd on our side against Boris and Labour’s Gisela Stuart on the other. In footage of the ‘spin’ room — where both sides are briefing journalists — we catch the sight of a familiar bald head bobbing up and down.

Financial help for airlines ‘should come with strict climate conditions’

Airlines UK, a trade body, said the industry was already taking steps to reduce their environmental impact before the coronavirus crisis hit. “The UK aviation sector has already committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 – the only national aviation industry to do so,” said a spokesperson. “This will be achieved via a […]

Stimulus package likely by end of this week

NEW DELHI: The much-awaited economic stimulus package is likely to be finalised by the end of this week, sources told ET NOW. The government and the Reserve Bank of India are in talks to raise borrowing for the next financial year, sources added. The central bank may be asked to directly buy government bonds. There […]

Kerala Lockdown Day 9: No April Fool pranks please

The free ration distribution announced by the state government will start from Wednesday. The free food-grain kits will also be distributed this week. Everyday, priority groups will be served the free ration till noon, Food and Civil Supplies department authorities informed. Ration distribution for non-priority groups will be in the afternoon. Free ration distribution will […]

South Korea’s top 2 LPGA Tour players on longest break ever

Hank Haney’s lawsuit against the PGA Tour is still alive. A Florida judge denied the tour’s motion to dismiss. Haney lost his radio show on SiriusXM last year after he jokingly predicted “a Korean” would win the U.S. Women’s Open and said he couldn’t name six players on the LPGA Tour. … The PGA Tour […]

RPT-Mortgage securities rebound as Fed starts buying, concerns persist

On Friday, in the first open market operation with a new commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) program, the New York Fed bought $1.04 billion of the $1.83 billion that was offered in a sign of eagerness by dealers to offload. The Fed said it would buy $3 billion in agency CMBS next week in similar operations.

Why Hasn’t Australia Had a Recession in Almost 30 Years?

At least some of Australia’s seemingly endless spell of growth is due to happenstance, luck, and idiosyncrasy: where the country lies on the map, what its neighbors’ budgets have looked like, what mineral deposits happen to lie underneath it. But it is also due to sound and deliberate government policy—meaning that the Aussie miracle does […]

Mortgage securities rebound as Fed starts buying, concerns persist

Mortgage Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) have been slammed this month on concerns that non-payment of loans will rise as U.S. economic activity grinds to a halt, and that the Fed is focusing its attention on thawing the market in U.S. Treasury debt and not enough on mortgage-backed securities.