World Health Organization chief hits back at Donald Trump saying don’t politicize the coronavirus crisis ‘if you don’t want many more body bags’ after president threatened to freeze millions in funds for ‘China-centric’ agency

‘The WHO, that’s the World Health Organization, receives vast amounts of money from the United States and we pay for a majority, the biggest portion of their money, and they actually criticized and disagreed with my travel ban at the time I did it,’ Trump said near the top of the briefing. 

Profiles of those who died in huge warehouse fire in Oakland

“When Edmond was in high school, they took a field trip to England,” he said. “My son was the tallest kid in the class and he dyed his hair bright green. I go, ‘Oh, Ed.’ I was so embarrassed. But wherever Ed went, a lot of kids would follow. He went over to England and […]

Can We Engineer a Better Response to COVID-19? | Opinion

Engineering contributions span all aspects of the COVID-19 response. One of the most important challenges engineers are helping to address is improving our diagnostic testing capability. In addition to tests targeted directly at patients, the Academy is supporting a project using wastewater analysis to predict the spread of COVID-19 using biomarkers from feces and urine […]

Vietnamese women are creating new values

“At the beginning, I just wanted to help parents sell oranges. But the more I helped my parents, the harder I tried to solve the issues, then the deeper I ventured into the field,” Na told VIR. “When I saw farmers overuse chemicals in farming, I was really afraid that Vinh’s specialty would one day […]

FULL TEXT of Maryam Uwais statement on NSIP

iii) Ensuring compliance with the World Bank Financing Agreement (FA) signed by Nigeria and the World Bank, as well as the Memorandum of Understanding signed by Nigeria, the Swiss Government and the World Bank, to facilitate the return of the funds recovered from the Abacha family. Disregarding the process set out in the F.A would […]

Stanley Kubrick: A Clockwork Utopia

“Although I keep reassuring myself that I’ll never again be surprised by the reactions to my films I must confess that I was very surprised by some of the critics who hated and misunderstood 2001, though many of them recanted within the following weeks and months. The only explanation I can find for it now […]

Lawan, Gbaja got it wrong, says Uwais

d) The tripartite process for identification of cash transfer beneficiaries is in accordance with similar established best practice the world over, as the communities in which the poor reside know who is most in need. The community takes ownership and supports the process, if engaged in the identification of the needy. While not perfect, the […]

Coronavirus cancellations and delays: Democratic convention, British Open and more

Sporting events British Open On April 6, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club announced that the 149th British Open championship will be delayed until 2021.Wimbledon On April 1, the 2020 tennis championship was moved to 2021, when it will run from June 28 to July 11.Tokyo Olympics On March 24, the International Olympic Committee and Japan’s […]

Burning kites from Gaza damage Israeli farms, wildlife

The phenomenon is the latest twist in nearly three months of intermittent Palestinian border protests. To many Israelis the “kite terrorism” is yet more evidence of implacable — and creative — Palestinian hostility. But viewed another way it is a desperate ploy on behalf of the 2 million Palestinians largely penned into the impoverished seaside […]