COVID-19 changed how the world does science, together

Using flag-draped memes and military terminology, the Trump administration and its Chinese counterparts have cast coronavirus research as national imperatives, sparking talk of a biotech arms race. The world’s scientists, for the most part, have responded with a collective eye roll. “Absolutely ridiculous,” said Jonathan Heeney, a Cambridge University researcher working on a coronavirus vaccine. […]

Land mines still a global threat, despite fewer deaths

The long legacy of land mines Long-lasting dangers Once buried, land mines can remain active for more than 50 years, not only posing physical threats to those who come into contact with them, but also hampering the repatriation of refugees and displaced people, and slowing the process of development and reconstruction in post-conflict years.

Johnny Cash’s hometown plans to become ‘socially responsible Graceland’

This is a place, he explains, that has been stuck in a time warp for decades, having spiralled into deep economic decline after the second world war. It was left with some of the most acute poverty in the country. Many never leave their homes. Money is tight. Amid the malaise, some of the residents […]

Australia’s new warning and death toll as Donald Trump issues new mask warning

He called doctors at the Queen’s Hospital near Birmingham, telling them on behalf of himself and Kate: “We’d just like to say from the two of us how proud we are of all of you and how amazingly you are all doing under extreme circumstances.


Director of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Hai Phong Chapter Phi Van Duc said that the reality shows that it is not possible to expect a breakthrough in labour productivity, investment efficiency and competitiveness of the economy as well as the business community without change. The advantage of cheap labour are falling […]

‘Buhari will start real governance after . . .’

I am an engineer by training and I teach in the university; I still teach operational research in the university. I am an industrial engineer with a PhD in that field and another PhD in operational management to be specific. I have other degrees when it comes to education. I have series of papers and […]

Olympics: Zion on the ‘Dream Team’? Athletes confused over qualifying for Games

“Let’s say a U.S. athlete who qualified in the marathon at the Olympic trials in February… say they don’t run the standard under the new window,” he said. “Potentially they would be out. I would think they would now have the ability to challenge that in the Court of Arbitration for Sport.”

Inside the coronavirus testing failure: Alarm and dismay among the scientists who sought to help

By the time Greninger sent his email, the FDA was in discussions with dozens of test developers, a number that was growing quickly. But none had managed to complete a formal application to the FDA, according to officials familiar with the agency’s actions. FDA officials interpreted the paucity of applications as a sign of limited […]

After Tokyo 2020 postponement, money has become a real worry for Olympian Gwen Berry

“I think the decision for 2021 will come down to my family. Before I moved out here to Texas to train two years ago, I went home to St. Louis and I consulted with my family, so hopefully I will get to go home pretty soon, I don’t know the travel restrictions from Texas to […]

Sick and angry: Some public health officers are showing stress of coronavirus

Venice residents Emily Berry and Gavin Kelley take a break at Venice Beach. Berry, a cocktail waitress at Enterprise Fish Co., lost her job due to the coronavirus outbreak, and Kelley, a manager at a performing arts school with a focus on music, said that he still has a job and that classes at the […]