Be it on God, guns or Greta, social media offers neat solutions for our messy feelings

This is a map of the US I made last year in response to my experiences there when filming my forthcoming Channel 4 series, Grayson Perry’s Big American Road Trip. I love maps. They have an air of authority, they show us where to go. This map toys with the common delusion that there is […]

Best Labor Day Headphone Deals 2020: Bose and Sony

The biggest question to ask yourself is — do you want headphones or earphones? There are fantastic options out there for both types, but it’s important to consider whether you want something that you wear as cups over your ears or if you prefer to place earbuds in your ears. Both offer pros and cons. […]

Aldi relaunches £9.99 heated clothes airer and it’s coming back this week

Like the JVL Folding Clothes Utility Over Door Airer, priced at £8.99 from Amazon. It’s also slightly cheaper that the one from Aldi – win win. When folded out, it will provide seven meters of drying space. The compact airer frees up floor space and creates horizontal drying. It’s ideal for use on caravans, inside […]

The brutal, bitchy world of the billionaire wives: After marrying media tycoon Conrad Black, BARBARA AMIEL revelled in her new-found wealth. But as she reveals in the final part of her new memoir, she soon confirmed that money can’t buy true friends

But this constellation, so plotted and chased by me, was well on the way to irrelevance and extinction, without visible achievement. Many of the socialites were second or third wives, and they were childless. The Group would live on for a while, their names purchased, endowed and inscribed in museums, hospitals and opera houses or […]

Sneaky hackers use Intel management tools to bypass Windows firewall

But this low-level operation is what makes AMT attractive for hackers: the network traffic that AMT uses is handled entirely within AMT itself. That traffic never gets passed up to the operating system’s own IP stack and, as such, is invisible to the operating system’s own firewall or other network monitoring software. The PLATINUM software […]

Google DeepMind’s Demis Hassabis is one relentlessly curious public face of AI

Must readWhat is AI? Everything you need to knowWhat is deep learning? Everything you need to knowWhat is machine learning? Everything you need to knowWhat is cloud computing? Everything you need to know”One thing I see confronting society today is the overload of information we are generating, and just the scale of the complexity of […]

‘So grateful’: Kathie Lee Gifford celebrates her son Cody’s marriage to his longtime girlfriend Erika Brown

It appears Erika has grown close with her mother-in-law as she was in attendance at Kathie Lee’s last taping of the Today show’s Kathie Lee and Hoda. The couple sat front row in the audience while the show celebrated Kathie Lee’s decades-long career in TV. 

The Walking Dead Villain Watch season 8, episode 5: The Big Scary U

Rick and Daryl tussle over tactics While The Walking Dead has been more blunt with its moralizing with the Jesus and Morgan storyline, it takes a more subtle approach to the widening rift between Daryl and Rick. The two men have begun to take different paths in recent episodes, with Daryl on a merciless, take-no-prisoners […]

Beyond the crash

It is also, however, fragile. China’s credit boom is unprecedented. The setback it suffered in 2015-2016 shook the world economy. As both the Bank of England and the IMF have warned, along with Britain’s financial exposure to China comes serious risk. If a China meltdown is the great tail risk that hangs over the world […]

Is Sustainable Fashion More Than Just a Trend?

You can’t ask these companies to disarm unilaterally. The government has to step in. The question was “How do we make fashion more sustainable?” I generally find there’s consumer dissonance here, in that people talk a big game and then they mostly vote with their pocketbooks by getting the cutest dress for the lowest price. […]