Love Island’s Ovie Soko reveals the tragic death of his friend made him apply for the show… and says he’s proud to prove ‘being yourself is dope’

Katie Price, 41, displays painful looking stitches and… Simon Cowell, 59, continues to show off the results of his… Kerry Katona reveals she’s turned to God as she heads to… Katie Holmes ended her relationship with Jamie Foxx because… Love Island’s Ovie Soko falls headfirst into a camera,…

Dr Fauci says there should be a federally mandated stay-at-home order as CDC advice for ALL Americans to wear cloth masks outdoors will ‘come soon’

For this reason, a JAMA study published this month still contended that people without symptoms should not wear surgical masks, because there is not proof the gear will protect them from infection – although they may keep people who are coughing and sneezing from infecting others. 

Tasmanian Government’s effort to ‘reset relationship’ with Aboriginal community ‘a disaster’, advocates say

In a statement, the Tasmanian Regional Aboriginal Communities Association’s (TRACA) co-chair Rodney Dillon said he believed the reset strategy had been “enormously successful in delivering reforms to the key areas of land and sea management, education and sea and heritage”.

‘Say yes to the WFH dress!’ Woman wears different glamorous gowns every day while working from home after using Rent the Runway to fill her closet with elegant designs

‘Then I thought about all the dresses RTR has to offer that I’d never normally be able to wear in everyday life,’ she said. ‘There’s an incredible range of ball gowns and dresses that would be highly inappropriate for the office…so I decided now was the chance to try them all.’ 

Eric Reid demands an investigation and a re-vote on the NFL’s new collective bargaining agreement because ‘language cutting disability payments was mysteriously added AFTER the deal was approved’

An increase from the 47 percent of league revenues given to the players, with that percentage dependent on the length of the season. A reduction of the preseason, initially from four games to three. More time off during training camps. Upgraded pensions, with the addition of groups of previous players not included in past agreements. […]

How Donald Trump went from saying coronavirus is ‘under control’ and ‘like flu’ while golfing and repeatedly holding rallies to admitting up to 240,000 will die in eight grim – and error-filled – weeks

And the president says at a White House press briefing: ‘We have a lot of people dying from the flu, as you know. We have a very bad flu season on top of everything else. It’s very bad. It looks like it could be over 50,000. And certainly this is going to be bad, and […]

Herman Cain says he dropped out of Fed running because of the pay cut

Cain, the former chief executive of Godfather’s Pizza Inc., has some prior experience at the Fed. From 1992 to 1996, he served as a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Each of the 12 regional Fed banks has a nine-person board that includes local executives.

Amala Paul Pens A Heartfelt Note On Father’s Death: Says Losing A Parent Is A Major Downfall

Talking about the race to the top and relationship shifts in her life, she wrote, “Unfortunately in the rat race to the top, we often aren’t taught to love ourselves. We don’t allow ourselves to open these boxes and heal our inner-child from these traumas and conditioning. We shift from relationship after relationship, craving for […]

Love Island extended by 15 minutes tonight as one Islander is dumped in savage re-coupling

The text reads reads: “Islanders, tonight there will be a recoupling. The girls will choose who they want to couple up with and the boy not picked to be in a couple will be dumped from the island #upyourgame #everymanforhimself.”

Awkward Ant and Dec drugs joke from Love Actually resurfaces

One fan who’d been rewatching the movie in the run up to Christmas said on Twitter: “Watched Love Actually yesterday and it hasn’t aged well. When Bill Nighy’s character was doing a TV interview he turned to the camera and told all the kids watching not to do drugs. The interview was with Ant and […]