’s closed beta: This augmented reality needs more augmenting

Map full of tappables—and nothing else Minecraft Earth’s resemblance to Pokemon Go begins with an abstracted, top-down view of your real-life environs, as seen above. Load the app while walking around a familiar neighborhood, and you’ll see its map data translated as a featureless series of 3D blocks, all green and brown. Mojang doesn’t appear […]

Cute little dog permanently has tongue sticking out of his mouth – and no one knows why

And while he doesn’t have a major Instagram following yet, as Alexander has been too busy to work on an account, one could be in the works very soon.

The umpire who set new standards and changed perceptions

County cricketers, on the other hand, warmed to Chester. This was partly, perhaps, because he was a former colleague, but more likely because he plainly knew what he was doing. Just over two years after his first-class debut he was standing in the first of what were to be 48 Tests. All these games were […]

Waitomo Job cuts: ‘If the caves go, we all go’

“If you talk to large travel agents that promote that kind of travel in the UK and Europe, they are very upbeat about the opportunities when borders reopen.”

General Relativity passes the Ratio’s Test

The equation describing this self-interacting effect contains factors of pi as a piece of several numerical terms. A previous examination of Einstein’s theory by LIGO in 2016 varied individual terms instead of slicing out a common factor across several terms such as pi. Although this approach sufficed as a test of general relativity, physicists have […]

Carqon electric cargo bike review: urban transport, solved

The Carqon electric cargo bike has a few standout features — three, in fact. Foremost is the child door. I know, it’s just a door. But it’s a remarkable addition, according to both the kids and parents who helped me test. Kids love the door because it gives them a sense of independence, allowing them […]

Multimillion-dollar Ferraris, Jaguars, Astons, and a fine cup of tea

But for me, the highlight of that day wasn’t Goodwood House and its gorgeous grounds, the tea served from silver teapots down at the start line, nor even the wonderful lunch in a grand room of the house. It was swaying a little precariously in a cherry picker that raised me about 20 feet into […]

51 Worldwide Games has so much more beyond bowling

Then there are card games – President, which makes me feel like I’m on a riverboat somewhere. A game called War which is essentially complete dumb luck – some kind of commentary – but which is still zippy and delightful. Two kinds of Solitaire, obscurities that play at different speeds and have different learning curves. […]

Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Treyarch defends decision to ditch single-player campaign

With specialists, what they provide is a way to add a tactical layer to the game. For example, you saw Ajax with his ballistic shield. That shield, he doesn’t get very often. You might get it a couple times a match, and you’re going to have to use it during critical moments. When that happens, […]

Purdue University president says not reopening in the fall would be ‘unacceptable’

He continued: “We have all learned a lot since then. What would have been a reckless and scientifically unjustified decision in late March is now plainly the best option from both a scientific and a stewardship standpoint, at least for our particular institution… this bug, so risky in one segment of the population, poses a near-zero […]