Fashion Street is empty and shopkeepers have to do odd jobs to make a living

There is no clarity on when hawkers can reopen their stalls Even as malls in the city prepare to open their doors once again, one of the most popular street shopping destinations, Fashion Street in Fort, bears a forlorn look. Those who manned shops there have now taken up odd jobs – as security guards […]

Daily Horoscope: 04 August 2020

Aquarius: 20 January – 18 February At this time you need to pay attention to yourself. You are forgetting self care in everyday rush. It will be better to spend more time with your family today or do your favorite work. If you do a job and your boss in the office trusts you and […]

Nando’s Eat Out to Help Out full list of restaurants offering 50% discount

Queuing – A new system is in place. Instead of lining up outside the restaurant, all you need to do is scan the QR code that you’ll see when you arrive, and they’ll text you when your table is ready.  Cashless  - Order and pay for your meal from your table. Simply scan the QR code using […]