Spotlight: U.S. economic recovery at risk as Trump’s executive orders fall short of what’s needed

Zandi estimated that these orders could provide just over 400 billion dollars in total relief, but the U.S. economy needs a fiscal aid package costing at least 1.5 trillion dollars to avoid falling back into recession, based on simulations of Moody’s macroeconomic model.

Daily horoscope for Wednesday August 12 — here’s what the stars have in store for you today

Conflict can turn to cooperation if that’s what you want – but you’re also able to walk away. Do some thinking before you make any choice.

Daily horoscope for Monday August 10 — here’s what the stars have in store for you today

If you have been a little half-hearted in a health change, this week starts with a new you, with strong focus and the ability to stick to a routine.

Asia Today: New Zealand reports 1st local cases in 102 days

— U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar says it’s more important to have a safe and effective vaccine against the coronavirus than to be the first to produce a vaccine. Azar, on a visit to Taiwan, was asked by ABC on Tuesday what he thought of Russia’s announcement that it had become the […]

Millions have no clue you CAN develop bowel cancer under the age of 50 – the 5 signs you need to know

Other signs of bowel cancer include: Gripping pains in the abdomen Feeling bloated Constipation and being unable to pass wind Being sick Feeling like you need to strain – like doing a number two – but after you’ve been to the loo Most read in Health News

Foster Needed for THIS Saturday 8/15!

Happy, playful, bouncy, energetic and FUN are all words the shelter uses to describe Sylvie! This girl is 1 years old and just 35lbs. We think she might be part lab since she’s very friendly and full of life! Sylvie would appreciate a home where she’ll get lots of exercise and playtime! Another dog would […]

Depts of school and higher education need to work closely to send every child to college: Sisodia

Emphasising the importance of education, the minister said, “Education is not something that most people may want but it is something that they need. One of the biggest mistakes of our nation is not to focus on the education sector. The moment we came in power, in the first budget itself, we dedicated 25% of […]

Asia Today: Victoria adds 21 deaths, Singapore clears dorms

— India’s coronavirus caseload topped 2.3 million after adding 60,963 new cases in the last 24 hours. India also reported 834 deaths on Wednesday, bringing its death toll to 46,091. India has the third-highest caseload after the United States and Brazil, but only the fifth-highest death toll, and authorities say the fatality rate has dropped […]

Liz Weston: Borrowing your way out of debt

“People will use a consolidation loan to pay off their credit card debt, and within a year they’ve run up their balances again,” said Bruce McClary, a spokesman for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, who has worked as a debt collector, loan representative and credit counselor. “They’ve essentially doubled the amount of debt they […]

Lebanon’s ENTIRE government resigns over Beirut mega-blast amid corruption scandal

The US, UK, France, Gulf states and even rivals Israel have offered money and assistance – but Canada has refused to give cash directly to the Lebanese government due to fears of corruption.