How to Talk About Stress Amid COVID-19 Anxiety

In today’s world of increased anxiety, stress, and panic due to the spread of COVID-19, it’s become increasingly harder to provide support to your loved ones. This is a tough time for everyone across the world, and it’s important to be there for your family and friends. Still, communicating in stressful situations can be difficult. […]

Best Microsoft Office alternatives of 2020: Free, paid, online mobile office suites

While LibreOffice has the familiar look and feel of MS Office, Calligra does not. A lot of the useable features tabs are set on the right-hand side of the screen and not on the top like MS Office and other office suites. This means that the page you are currently editing does not take up […]

Adventures in the Anthropocene by Gaia Vince – review

Once you have read Gaia Vince’s book, you start to register the scale of change in a fast-changing world. Adventures in the Anthropocene is one of six books vying this week for the £25,000 Royal Society Winton Science Book prize, to be announced on Thursday (24 September). The others are, in no particular order because […]

India Must Fight ‘the Virus of Racism’: North-Easterners Allege Discrimination Amid COVID-19 Fears

“It is casual for people to call us Nepali, Chinki, Chinese and now coronavirus. I do not feel safe in my own country and many other people from north-east feel the same.” The girl added that she moved away from her hometown for better work opportunities and to support her family as the north-eastern region […]

OED expands to reflect Coronavirus

In the age of fake news, another entrant – “infodemic” – is going to come in handy for the BBC’s media editor. The OED defines “infodemic” as “a proliferation of diverse, often unsubstantiated information relating to a crisis, controversy or event, which disseminates rapidly and uncontrollably through news, online and social media, and is regarded […]

Profiles of those who died in huge warehouse fire in Oakland

The room started to fill with what they thought was mist from a fog machine and then, within seconds, they realized it was smoke. As fear spread among those in the room, Faelen said he looked over at Draven. His friend’s face was calm, even peaceful — an expression in sharp contrast to the growing […]

How to create a new blueprint for inclusion in a COVID-19 world

Each one of us is called to step up, and into the light of our privilege to participate in a cohesive narrative of our greatest collective intention: Symphony. This is a true north that serves our humanity and inspires the resuscitation of our individual and organizational latent superpowers–our unique complexities and idiosyncrasies–as our greatest resource, […]

Shona People: History & Culture

Zimbabwe (then called Rhodesia) was under British control in the time after World War II and in the 1960s and 1970s a series of wars were fought between European colonists and the indigenous people of the region (including the Shona) for control of Zimbabwe. Daneel documented this conflict in his photographs, showing spirit mediums warning […]

What Would Le Carré’s Master Spy Think of Trump and Russia?

By far the most lethal adversary I ever faced was Karla, the genius of Moscow Center whose mole inside British counter-intelligence allowed the Russians to roll up and exterminate our whole network of agents in the east. I do not see anyone of those skills in Moscow Center now. Putin has been overrated as a […]

Masha Gessen: A Russian’s Perspective on Trump’s Autocratic Impulses

In America, we define ourselves so much by being a democracy. How do you wrap your brain around why people voted for Trump, when he’s somebody that complimented the likes of Putin and Erdogan and Duterte, is hostile toward the press and hostile toward the rule of law?I think that there are many ways to tell […]