Fifth of all global CO2 emissions come from the supply chains of large multinational companies such as Total, BP and Coca Cola, study finds

Carbon footprint of MNEs in the electronics sector in 2016 (MtCO2 at both axes). The blue bars represent the carbon emissions in supply chains of MNEs in a certain country. The lines represent the carbon emissions in supply chains of large foreign affiliates of Samsung and Apple 

Switching to electric vehicles may improve air quality, lower emissions: Study

Washington: Adopting electric vehicles (EVs) could improve overall air quality and lower carbon emissions, according to a study. Researchers from the Northwestern University in the US quantified the differences in air pollution generated from battery-powered electric vehicles versus internal combustion engines. They found that even when their electricity is generated from combustion sources, electric vehicles […]

JTI Vietnam aims at Net Zero carbon emissions

Furthermore, in collaboration with Action for Environment Organization(AFEO), JTI Vietnam kicked off its first project under the Net Zero Carbon Emission program on June 27, 2020. The company teamed up with AFEO to plant 5,400 Cinnamomum bejolghota trees worth VND120 million ($5,200) in buffer zones across Xuan Son National Park in the northern province of […]

Investors that manage US$47tn demand world’s biggest polluters back plan for net-zero emissions

The Climate Action 100+ group, representing 518 major investor organisations across the globe, has written to 161 fossil fuel, mining, transport and other big-emitting companies to set 30 climate measures and targets against which they will be analysed in a report to be released early next year.

Criticism over BP bid to help Aberdeen City Council cut emissions

Is Scotland leading the way on climate change? How to tackle Scotland’s ‘climate emergency’ Climate protests held at BP AGM Jenny Laing, city council co-leader, told BBC Scotland: “Aberdeen’s economy has been built around oil and gas over the last 50 years and we understand that if we’re to meet the net-zero target that we […]

Review: Methanol plant would boost greenhouse gas emissions

Officials also found that worldwide demand for methanol is likely to increase in coming decades, increasing emissions with or without the Kalama plant. But, Ecology found, making methanol at the plant would be more efficient than making it from coal or some other sources — an argument that the project’s backers, including the Port of […]

UK citizens’ assembly wants ‘fair’ path to 2050 net-zero emissions goal

LONDON: Taxes on frequent fliers, more wind and solar power, and better protection for nature should be key policies in Britain’s push to meet its promise to cut emissions to net zero by 2050, a citizens’ assembly advised the country’s lawmakers on Thursday.But its final recommendations in a report to parliament did not back nuclear […]

Scottish Water sets out renewables route map to net-zero emissions

“I know Scottish Water is speaking to other agencies about how they’ve come to the proposals that they’ve set out and other organisations will be considering whether they have some of the same advantages that Scottish Water does have in this regard.”

Google has fully offset its lifetime carbon emissions today

Google calls its 2030 goal of eliminating its use of carbon-based energy sources a “moonshot,” and one with tremendous “practical and technical complexity.” Regardless, Google hopes to tackle this project by combining wind and solar power sources together, using AI to boost energy efficiency, and increasing battery storage capacity.

China’s new coal projects account for 90% of global total in first half – study

But it remains unclear how much will be completed, with existing plants already facing losses as a result of overcapacity and low utilisation rates. China has issued investment warnings to 10 regions, saying returns from coal-fired power would fall below government bond yields.