JTI Vietnam aims at Net Zero carbon emissions

JTI Vietnam has developed the Net Zero Carbon Emissions programme that includes a series of projects to offset and reduce CO2 in their office and cigarette production. By implementing this program, JTI Vietnam aims to be one of the pioneering carbon-neutral companies in Vietnam. JTI Vietnam further aims to raise awareness of the importance of […]

Investors that manage US$47tn demand world’s biggest polluters back plan for net-zero emissions

The voluntary guidelines, known as the climate measurement standards initiative, are designed to give banks and insurers consistent scientific advice on how to assess the risk of damage from events including bushfires, cyclones, floods, droughts and heatwaves.

UK citizens’ assembly wants ‘fair’ path to 2050 net-zero emissions goal

LONDON: Taxes on frequent fliers, more wind and solar power, and better protection for nature should be key policies in Britain’s push to meet its promise to cut emissions to net zero by 2050, a citizens’ assembly advised the country’s lawmakers on Thursday.But its final recommendations in a report to parliament did not back nuclear […]

Scottish Water sets out renewables route map to net-zero emissions

“I know Scottish Water is speaking to other agencies about how they’ve come to the proposals that they’ve set out and other organisations will be considering whether they have some of the same advantages that Scottish Water does have in this regard.”

U.S. utilities say Biden plan to cut C02 hinges on breakthroughs

The California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CALSTRS), a behemoth pension fund that owns shares of Dominion, Duke and Southern, said it was reasonable for utilities to factor technological advances into their long-term planning. But a portfolio manager warned that investors want to make sure utilities don’t build too many new natural gas plants in the […]

INSIGHT-U.S. utilities say Biden plan to cut C02 hinges on breakthroughs

Xcel, which has among the most aggressive plans to move away from fossil fuels, said it will achieve an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 with large additions of solar and wind power. But eliminating carbon emissions entirely will take another two decades, the utility said, far longer than Biden’s plan calls for.

CSE calls for ‘green’ recovery action plan

United Nations General Assembly declared September 7 as the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies. The idea was to build awareness on clean air for health, productivity, economy and environment at all levels — individual, community, corporate and government. As the world marks the first such day on Monday, the Centre for Science […]

Nash excited to work with Durant and Irving as Nets coach hails star duo

“I think what I meant was that Kevin’s always searching, he’s always curious, inquisitive, developing as a human being. So he’s a deep person who has a lot of goals and a lot about him, not just in basketball terms. I think my comment is more about Kevin as a human being, the type of […]

Nets coach Nash: I did skip the line for job

“I think to get this opportunity, as Steve Kerr and many other people have had great success, it’s a unique situation, I think. But I definitely realise that I need support. I’m going to hopefully bring a lot of qualities and skills to the table that are unique and strong, but I’m going to need […]

Top 5 PSU oil cos to partner ISA climate plan

gas companies have preferred to bake the earth for profit. But mounting climate concerns and emerging technology promising to end their free run has prompted global energy majors searching for a green future and net-zero status.Top five Indian state-run public sector oil and gas companies are poised to follow this trend by joining the International […]