U.S. utilities say Biden plan to cut C02 hinges on breakthroughs

Natural gas emits about half as much CO2 as coal when burned, and its increased use in recent years has helped the United States slash emissions. But gas is a potent contributor to climate change when it leaks. Scientists say it has a tendency to escape from infrastructure in the form of methane, a climate-heating […]

INSIGHT-U.S. utilities say Biden plan to cut C02 hinges on breakthroughs

The California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CALSTRS), a behemoth pension fund that owns shares of Dominion, Duke and Southern, said it was reasonable for utilities to factor technological advances into their long-term planning. But a portfolio manager warned that investors want to make sure utilities don’t build too many new natural gas plants in the […]

Biden 2020: Change That Wall Street Liberals Can Believe In?

It wasn’t Biden’s call for spending $2 trillion in four years on climate projects, or his endorsement of turning Section 8 housing vouchers into an entitlement, or plans for paid family leave and child care that his campaign had to disavow in private conversations with its favorite Wall Street rentiers — it was his apparent […]

Nicola Gobbo explains why she became Lawyer X

“Victoria Police… actively encouraged me to have no life except for assisting them. And if that meant being out at three o’clock in the morning to meet someone, they were all in favour of that, even at a time when they knew that I was in significant pain and under the care of a pain […]