Zoom: We’re freezing all new features to sort out security and privacy

Preparing a transparency report that details information related to requests for data, records, or content.Enhancing its current bug-bounty program.Launching a CISO council in partnership with leading CISOs from across the industry to facilitate debate on security and privacy best practices.Engaging a series of simultaneous white-box penetration tests to further identify and address issues.Starting next week, […]

Fitbit Charge 4: price, features and everything you need to know

Its price and design are almost identical to the Fitbit 3 at release, which is impressive considering the improvements under the hood, and although is sadly lacks the color display we’d been hoping for, there are lots of new tools to help you monitor and improve your fitness.

watchOS 7 release date, compatibility, sleep tracking and features

By now, we can safely say that watchOS 7 will be free, given that every Apple operating system update across its device range hasn’t cost users to upgrade. And while watchOS 6 wasn’t compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch 2, the company has been readily selling the Apple Watch 3 at a […]

Facebook adds feature to ‘Community Help’ that lets users offer or request assistance from neighbors during the coronavirus pandemic

* The first $750 coronavirus supplement will go to those registered as on income support and eligible between 12 March and 13 April. The second $750 payment will go to those eligible and registered on 10 July. Check here

A game-changing new WhatsApp feature could arrive very soon

If you want to try out the WhatsApp beta, you’ll have to sign up to the Google Play Beta Program. Right now, there is no more space for new beta testers, but it’s worth checking back every now and then to see if a space has become available, or if more capacity has been added.

This new Microsoft Edge change might finally be a reason to ditch Chrome

At its annual Digital Briefing event, where it lays out its plans for its software over the coming year, Microsoft revealed several new features for the new Chromium-based Edge, including the ability to switch from horizontal tabs along the top of the browser to vertical ones along the left-hand edge.

New Kids on the Block Announce 2019 Tour with Salt-N-Pepa, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany and More

The New Kids on the Block celebrated the 30th anniversary of their 1988 breakout album Hangin’ Tough on Sunday night with a special performance at the Apollo Theater in Harlem — and with a new tour announcement that will have the band joining forces with other pop music icons.

Suzuki Katana Unveiled In Two New Paint Schemes: Here Are All The Details

Speaking about the new colours, the first one is the Candy Red with colour-matched wheels and a gold-coloured handlebar and front fork. On the other hand, the second is a matte black one that is more in line with what is currently available and also comes with a gold-coloured handlebar, front fork and gold-coloured wheels.

Coronavirus: Facebook expanding its Community Help feature

NEW DELHI: Social networking giant Facebook has announced that it is expanding its Community Help feature, which will enable neighbours request and offer assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Facebook introduced the feature in 2017 and it is used by people to help each other after any natural or man-made disasters and now Facebook has decided […]

The secret best Nintendo Switch feature is its lack of region-locking

Granted, this is a niche concern if you live in your country of birth. And one upside of globalization is that it’s usually no longer tenable for Japanese game companies to wait too long to release their games around the world — just look at the simultaneous global launch of Final Fantasy XV. There’s much […]