Experimental new Mario game generates levels based on how good or crap you are. Great difficulty solution, or bad idea?

It’s playable right now viaa quick Java download, and having just tried it out I can vouch that it absolutely does work. A few early deaths, and suddenly there were a lot more coins and a lot less enemies. Gaps o’ death became smaller and less frequent too.But after acing a few levels, exactly the […]

Diamo One 21-Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine review

As for the taste? We used Illy-brand ESE pods with the Diamo One throughout our review, meaning we were consistently privy to a top-shelf brand of coffee from the get-go. This coupled with a powerful, 21-bar Italian pump allowed us to quickly brew an incredibly delicious cup of espresso. A pump capable of 21 bars […]

Dedham’s Peter H. Reynolds Joins Kennedy for #StayAtHome Reading

These nightly broadcasts are part of Kennedy’s larger effort to connect with residents during this time of deep uncertainty. Prior to the stay-at-home advisory, Kennedy updated residents in a series of virtual town hall events. These special broadcasts will take the place of his virtual town halls, and Kennedy will continue to reach residents throughout […]