Experimental new Mario game generates levels based on how good or crap you are. Great difficulty solution, or bad idea?

Procedural level design though, I’m less sure about. While this is certainly someimpressive technology, I’m not convinced by the philosophy of removing challenges outright if a player seems to be having trouble with them. Doing so also removes any hope of the player actually improving his or her skills through practice, because simply, there’s nothing […]

Diamo One 21-Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine review

Once heated, a simple press of the button with the small or large cup symbol begins the brew process for either a single or double (Lungo) espresso. It’s worth pointing out that while the drip tray is installed, only a small espresso mug or cup is capable of fitting underneath the machine. Since we crafted […]

Dedham’s Peter H. Reynolds Joins Kennedy for #StayAtHome Reading

DEDHAM, MA – Recently children and their families around the Commonwealth – and the world – enjoyed a special bedtime read aloud with children’s book author & Dedham resident Peter H. Reynolds. In the wake of COVID-19 and the Commonwealth’s recent stay-at-home advisory, Reynolds joined Congressman Joe Kennedy III for his weekly “Kennedy Evening Broadcast” […]