WhatsApp is finally testing a new feature to help you fact-check messages

Fake news and misinformation have been something of a problem online for a while now, but when a global crisis strikes, it’s particularly noticeable. Social media is a  hotbed of maliciously false – as well as just misguided – information, and more and more platforms are fighting back.

PS5 Patent Describes Yet Another Crazy New Feature

Another new PS5 patent has surfaced online, revealing yet another impressive feature that may be packed into the next-gen PlayStation console. The “new” patent actually dates back to 2018, but it’s only now been discovered. That said, it was filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and reveals that the PlayStation makers have been experimenting with a […]

iPad trackpad support is just the start of iOS 13.4’s great features

You can create personalized shortcuts using a new Shortcuts app.Siri reads messages as soon as they arrive and you can instantly respond.You can hand off a phone call or music from your iPhone to your HomePod.CarPlay: Siri smart suggestions work here, like suggesting you open your garage door when you get close to home.Siri Suggestions […]

Federal Government launches Coronavirus Australia app and WhatsApp feature

“And that will assist you to get accurate and timely information about what is being done by governments around the country to support you, as you and your family and your household and your community work through the difficult months ahead because of the coronavirus.”

As Persons Seeking Corporate Housing Pivot to Alternatives, Key Housing Announces New San Jose Furnished Housing Designee

Interested persons can view the featured listing at https://www.keyhousing.com/rightside.asp?action=form3&ID=899. They can also visit the property website at https://www.verdant-apts.com/ca/san-jose/amenities.aspx, but please be advised to contact Key Housing directly on any rental opportunities. Those who would like to browse the entire Silicon Valley furnished housing inventory are urged to visit https://www.keyhousing.com/silicon-valley-furnished-rentals.asp and then reach out for a […]

‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Stalk Market Guide – Best Turnip Price Range & More

In other words, while Nook may be selling you Turnips for 125 Bells each, he may be selling them to your friend for 400. To take advantage of the windfall, all you have to do is visit your friend’s Island and sell the Turnips at their Nook’s Cranny. This may require multiple trips if you […]

Xbox Series X Teases Big Backward Compatibility Feature

Before Sony announced that the PS5 will play an “overwhelmingly majority” of PS4 games, Microsoft has been beating the backward compatibility drum on Xbox One and Xbox One X. And this will continue with the Xbox Series X. According to Microsoft, Xbox One titles won’t just run on Xbox Series X, they will be enhanced […]

Nintendo Direct Mini announces a wave of new games for the Switch

Nintendo has been having a successful couple of years, with the Nintendo Switch being one of the most favoured hand-held gaming consoles ever made. On March 26, through Nintendo Direct Mini (a live video presentation by Nintendo) shined the spotlight on a breadth of different types of games launching for the Nintendo Switch system in […]

New ECE Helmet Safety Standards Make Motorcycle Riding Safer

The safety regulation bodies across the world are looking for different ways to protect the rider. The improved helmet safety regulations will help the rider to protect themselves in case of a collision. The tests for helmet protection have become more exhaustive and thorough thereby increasing the safety for the rider. The usage of carbon-composite […]

Special Report: In modernizing nuclear arsenal, U.S. stokes new arms race

THE MOST EXPENSIVE BOMB EVER Now, the Air Force has transformed it into a controllable smart bomb. The new model has adjustable tail fins and a guidance system which lets bomber crews direct it to its target. Recent models of the bomb had already incorporated a unique “dial-down capacity”: The Air Force can adjust the […]