Coronavirus news from the Bay Area: Sept. 4-5

3:27 p.m. Fauci declines to embrace Trump’s ‘rounding the corner’ view: Top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, a member of the White House coronavirus task force, said Friday, “I’m not sure what he means,” in reference to President Trump’s comment that the country is rounding the corner on the pandemic. Some states are doing […]

The Myth of the Central Park Five

But the differences are also pronounced. The arrests were far from indiscriminate: Thirty-seven young men were interviewed regarding the attacks in the park; 12 were arrested, with 10 charged as adults; five went to trial for the rape of the jogger. Antron McCray, who had been accused of “the murder” by two boys, appeared at […]

The best multiplayer games on PS4

Final Fantasy XIV Online We often refer to games like No Man’s Sky when thinking about redemption stories, but Final Fantasy XIV Online might just be the most improved AAA game of the past decade. It released in its original form in 2010, and at the time, the idea of a fully fledged MMO on […]

Box Office Fades To Black As Coronavirus Shuts Down 4K North American Theaters Into May: Where The Studios Stand & What’s Next?

Also, the overall weekend according to Comscore finaled at $54.7M, -46% from last weekend, and -60% from the same period a year ago (when Captain Marvel was roaring away). That revised number is down from where we saw the weekend box office on Sunday morning, which was at $55.3M. It’s now the lowest weekend at […]

Kardashian-Jenner family tree – who’s who and how are they all related?

Showing a no-holds-barred insight to the high profile family’s life, the show has covered the birth of several of the children, the marriage of Kim to Kris Humphries, Kanye’s proposal to Kim, the effect Caitlyn’s transition has had on the family and the fallout of the Paris robbery.

What Megablazes Tell Us About the Fiery Future of Climate Change

The fiery future is upon us. Pervasive drought and record temperatures — July was the warmest month ever physically recorded on planet Earth — have turned forests from Fresno to Fairbanks into tinderboxes. In Alaska, more than 5 million acres burned — surpassing the 10-year average for the entire country. With months left in the […]