Jersey Shore Restaurants Look To Take Advantage Of Labor Day Weekend Crowds As Indoor Dining Resumes

Normally, this weekend would bring an end to guarded beaches but to extend the season just a bit, many South Jersey shore towns will staff lifeguards on certain blocks through the end of September. If you take advantage of that, remember to bring your beach tag.

Imax CEO Calls New York’s Still Shuttered Movie Theaters “A Head Scratcher” As Indoor Dining Resumes

“New York is a little bit of a head scratcher. It’s opened bowling alleys, gyms and casinos and there’s no question that going to theaters is safer than any of those things,” said Gelfond, discussing the challenges the exhibition sector has been facing at the BofA media and communications conference.

Real-Life Cops, and Me

In an era when all TV shows have age-suitability ratings and content guides, the vigor with which adult cop shows of the 1970s were marketed to children seems shocking. But in fact, immense energy was invested in embedding those series in the collective consciousness of children. Dell published 15-cent Mod Squad comic books, and Topps […]