Homeless men are seen sharing swigs of liquor without masks and urinating on the street outside luxury Upper West Side hotels – as it’s revealed New York ‘illegally housed pedophiles next to playgrounds’ in the neighborhood

Cuomo begs wealthy New Yorkers to come back and save the city  Gov. Andrew Cuomo is begging wealthy New Yorkers to return to the city to save it from economic ruin while fighting off calls from other lawmakers to raise their taxes – a move he fears could permanently drive the top 1 percent out […]

NYC Parents Face Deadline To Opt For Online-Only Schedule For Public School Students In Fall

“I feel strongly we can bring the pieces together because it’s the right thing to do. It’s the right thing to do for our kids. It’s the right thing to do for our city, and we’re gonna keep working to make sure it’s safe,” said de Blasio.

Decision Day Looming: Parents Must Let NYC Know By Friday If They Will Send Their Kids To Public Schools In Fall

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VIRUS DIARY: We eloped, just not the way we’d planned

As we were sorting out our own marriage that would ensure Julie could stay in the U.S., and I would be able to enter Denmark, couples around the world were successfully lobbying for essential status. Denmark had carved out an exception for foreign partners, even the unmarried. A few days after Julie landed, the Trump […]

Plush toys, jewelry, dance lessons — Broadway’s side hustles

“You’re at the top of your game after working for so many years and now to go find a job in another industry, where do you start? You’re at the bottom of the totem pole. You’re lucky if you’ll make minimum wage,” she said.

A revamped Tales of the Cocktail opens its wallet, new leader opens up about what’s next

“We’re a year one foundation, and it’s very rare that a year one organization can start by saying we want to help our community in a big way, and reach out to diverse members of the community to help drive it,” said Rosen. “We’re ready to hear where the needs are. We don’t want to […]

Produce of the city

Most important, this initiative will include skill development programmes for the lower-income groups to offer them livelihood opportunities in gardening, food processing, and retail and marketing. The hope is to build a sustainable local food production-distribution system while strengthening the capacity of the urban poor.

Nob Hill’s new development: crucial time for landmark corner

The six-story structure would fit within the 65-foot height limit, lining the steep sidewalks but scalloped back from the corner to create an entry garden while preserving pedestrian views. The level along the street would be cloaked in granite, carved with horizontal strokes to emphasize shadows and depth. Up above would be stucco topped by […]

Herd immunity sounds tempting. But Bay Area experts warn it would be a disaster

Natural herd immunity, from people being exposed to a virus and developing an immune response to it, sometimes occurs in small communities, such as close-knit religious groups or neighborhoods, or contained locations like prisons. San Quentin State Prison, where more than two-thirds of the inmate population has tested positive for the coronavirus, may have reached […]