Black-owned businesses in L.A. say they’re open and looking for support. Here’s a list

Justina Blakeney (Furniture, home accessories) Los Angeles-based designer’s Jungalow brand includes a wide variety of collaborations including furniture, accessories, rugs and apparel. On May 30, Blakeney donated the net proceeds of Jungalow sales — $12,000 — to Black Lives Matter.

Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor – 6 things to see in Western Skyrim

That’s why roaming around directionless could be the best way for ESO players to recapture that oft-desired Skyrim atmosphere. Breaking away from towns is also the only way to (mostly) avoid big crowds of other players facing off in spectacular magic fights atop strange mounts – something you definitely won’t find strolling through the streets […]

Betelgeuse’s mysterious dimming is caused by giant ‘star spots’ covering up to 70 per cent of its surface and is NOT a sign it is about to go supernova, scientists claim

‘Observations in the coming years will tell us whether the sharp decrease in Betelgeuse’s brightness is related to a spot cycle. In any case, Betelgeuse will remain an exciting object for future studies,’ Dharmawardena said.

Secrets of 12-Billion-Year-Old Signal From ‘Dark Age’ of the Universe About to be Probed

Researchers from the University of Washington, the University of Melbourne, Curtin University and Brown University had claimed in a report published in the Astrophysical Journal last year they had achieved an almost 10-fold improvement of radio emission data gathered by the Murchison Widefield Array telescope in Western Australia.

Green energy ratchets up power during coronavirus pandemic

LONDON – Renewable power has taken up a record share of global electricity production since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a Reuters review of data, suggesting a transition away from polluting fossil fuels could be accelerated in the coming years.Advocates of traditional energy have long argued that clean energy sources, like solar […]

‘Lost planet’ rediscovered 620 light-years from Earth

Hundreds of single transits that have been spotted by TESS could become future targets for NGTS, Gill explained. “Some of these will be small rocky planets in the Goldilocks zone that are cool enough to host liquid water oceans and potentially extraterrestrial life.”

Canela se adentra en el mercado anglo como cantante y actor

“Yo no sabía qué iba a pasar porque ahora con la pandemia no tiene mucho sentido el episodio sobre las Olimpiadas del 2020… y como eso unas cuantas cosas más. Pero gracias a Dios la respuesta de la gente fue tan consistente. Los números de la primera parte siguen subiendo y siguen subiendo, creando una […]

UK electricity grid’s carbon emissions could turn negative by 2033, says National Grid

Herring said that it was too soon to determine the impact of the coronavirus crisis on Britain’s energy future, but many are hopeful that the pandemic may hasten the UK’s climate ambitions by using government stimulus packages for clean energy and energy efficiency measures to spur a green economic recovery.

A vampire army threatens The Elder Scrolls Online later this month

The Elder Scrolls Online: Stonethorn is set to go live on August 24, and as with all Elder Scrolls Online DLC, it will be free for ESO Plus subscribers and available for standalone purchase for non-subscribers. Speaking of free, The Elder Scrolls Online is also free to play from now until 10 am ET on […]