Manufacturer Xxentria to relocate facility to New Mexico

The Santa Teresa Port of Entry opened in 1998 and was predicted to compete with one in eastern El Paso. After years of stops and starts and an economic downturn, warehouse space in the last decade has filled up as more businesses have relocated from Texas and California because of cheaper square footage.

Education startup to open a new chapter with advanced technologies

“Zuoyebang is looking to leverage technology to lead the innovation in education sector. The company hopes to help promote new infrastructure construction in the education field so as to drive the industry to be more digital, intelligent and individual,” said Su Jing, executive president of Zuoyebang.

NNE governors ask for reversal of tariff on aluminum imports

Trump accuses Canada of flooding the U.S. market with its raw, unprocessed aluminum. The Aluminum Association, which represents U.S. and foreign aluminum companies and opposes the tariffs, counters that a jump in Canadian raw aluminum shipments to the United States is within historical norms and reflects stepped-up production from a Canadian smelter that had been […]

Google’s new rules clamp down on discriminatory housing, job ads

Alphabet Inc’s Google said it was tackling unlawful discrimination by barring housing, employment and credit ads from being targeted to its users based on their postal code, gender, age, parental status or marital status. The new policy, which will take effect by the end of the year in the United States and Canada, comes more […]

Domestic demand for steel industry to remain subdued during H1 of FY21: EY

Steel sector’s demand driving segments, infrastructure, construction and real estate are likely to remain subdued in the first half of FY21 with strict lockdown measures during the June quarter and the monsoon season over the second quarter, as against growth expectations.“With all hopes pinned on the domestic market revival for the steel sector, the worries […]

Baton Rouge, New Orleans area people in Business for Sept. 13, 2020

Gonce worked 12 years at Wood PLC as senior vice president of operations for its U.S. onshore and Gulf of Mexico operations and has 20 years of experience in sales and business development in the oil and gas and construction industries. He will focus on developing a growth plan for Danos’ shale business and support […]

Digital economy to inject impetus

“In the battle against the COVID-19 outbreak, remote working, e-government services, digital education, online entertainment and other digital sectors have played a key role in safeguarding people’s lives and production, preventing and controlling the epidemic, and strengthening global economic and trade cooperation.” Wang said.

ETAuto Originals: Why won’t India embrace electric vehicles now?

We are almost a decade away from the electric vehicle revolution and it’s a nightmare to drive an electric car in India now. The vehicle I had was an SUV, which ideally has the most preferred shapes in the country. But it delivers fewer kilometres to every charge on its bulky weight; thus restricting travel […]

Xi Focus: Xi stresses building modern logistics system as support for new development pattern

Xi called for coordinated efforts to advance the building of hard and soft infrastructures for modern logistics system, develop new logistics technologies and business forms, improve industry regulations and standards, and nurture modern logistics companies with global competitiveness, so as to provide strong support for the new development pattern in which domestic and foreign markets […]