The Latest: Hong Kong to further ease virus measures

The Health Ministry on Tuesday also reported 75,809 new cases, raising India’s reported tally to nearly 4.3 million — second only to the United States and maintaining an upward surge amid an ease in nationwide restrictions to help mitigate the economic pain.

Bottled water company founder is China’s third-richest man after another blockbuster Hong Kong IPO

Fund flows from mainland China were particularly strong. For the first eight months, net flows from China to Hong Kong stocks via the Hong Kong Stock Exchange surged to more than $55 billion, up nearly 190% from a year ago, according to estimates by China Galaxy Securities.

Shocking moment 12-year-old girl out buying art supplies is wrestled to the ground by Hong Kong riot police after they saw her ‘running in a suspicious manner’ during protest

Hong Kong police later confirmed the rough arrest of the young girl in a statement, claiming that she had run ‘in a suspicious manner’ and officers had used ‘minimum necessary force’ to apprehend her.

Hong Kong set the bar for charter cities. But it’s not a blueprint that can be transported

Instead of building a charter city inside a developing country, catering to an existing population in need of work and opportunities, the “new Hong Kong” model relies on Ireland or another government being willing to accept thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of new migrants, on the basis that the proposed city will bring economic […]

Text of Hong Kong Law Says Dissidents Face Trials in China, Life Sentences

The national security legislation has a long reach, and allows authorities to prosecute even non-Hong Kong residents acting outside of the country. This has likely been designed to stop pro-democracy advocacy abroad—for example in Taiwan, the U.S. and Europe—and will mean that anyone involved would risk arrest and jail if they ever returned home.

U.S., U.K. Lead Global Push Back Against China in Hong Kong

While the U.S. concentrates its efforts on Chinese finances and visas, the British government has mobilized to offer as many as 3 million Hong Kongers a way out of the region. The U.K. has been criticized over the past year for perceived weakness in standing up against China over Hong Kong.

China threatens to target UK firms including HSBC and Jaguar Land Rover with sanctions if the UK continues to ‘provoke’ Beijing after Dominic Raab suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper said countries like Britain ‘must avoid a China-centric view’ and called on Mr Johnson to help the UK ‘assume a much greater role in global affairs than has been the case in many years’.

LeBron James Calls Foul On Houston Rockets GM’s “Misinformed” Tweet In Favor Of Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protesters

In China for two games against the Brooklyn Nets this past weekend, James and the Lakers were pretty much on a media and literally lockdown as the NBA tried to placate Chinese reaction amidst clearly coordinated repercussions and TV blackout. Though NBA Commissioner Adam Silver publicly said in Japan on October 8 that Morey was […]

‘Mulan’s Liu Yifei’s Seeming Support For Hong Kong Police Sparks #BoycottMulan Trend

Liu Yifei, the star of Disney’s upcoming live-action iteration of Mulan, is under fire for recent comments she posted on the Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo supposedly supporting the Hong King Police Force who have been accused of using excessive force against protestors and journalists.

The Latest: CEOs pledge safety for coronavirus vaccines

The figures released by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday brought the nation’s reported cases since the pandemic began to 21,432. Five patients, between the ages of 75 and 90, died in the past 24 hours, bringing the death toll to 341.