Experts: OCD may be rising in some kids

“I had a few nights where I kind of held it together until we separated rooms and then I cried,” Rodgers said. “As a parent, it’s the most natural thing in the world, if your kid’s in pain or uncomfortable, you want to rescue them and you want to pull them out of that.”

Xbox Series S Next-Gen Console Confirmed by Microsoft, How Much Does It Cost?

The Xbox originally launched in November 2001 and has gone on to become one of the true staples of the gaming world. These new consoles represent the fourth generation of Xbox, following the original console, Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. While no official release date has been confirmed, both the Xbox Series S and […]

Amazon device event: Evolutionary, not revolutionary, and there’s nothing wrong with that

Working on training local models to understand what sounds are correlated with different activities, so when you put Alexa into Away mode you will get notified when she detected the likelihood of activity in your homeWhen you say, “Alexa I’m off to work,” Alexa will switch into away mode, lock your door, and turn on […]

Recipe for selling software in a pandemic: Be essential, add some machine learning, and focus, focus, focus

“There’s not a lot of consolidation in the construction space,” he said, which means a single large vendor’s software is less likely to completely dominate the entire client base. In addition, “They usually have larger projects with longer time horizons, and they go through long cycles, cyclical cycles, but they don’t go through short-term cycles, […]