Fighting California’s future wildfires with revolutionary new VR technology

Nonetheless, BadVR’s goal is not just to be accessible to the government sectors – but to private companies and citizens who also endeavor to protect their properties and families in the face of wildfires and other disasters via early warning signs.

Top Workplaces 2020: The best large companies to work for in Colorado

Facts: The UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital is a Level I trauma center and the principal teaching hospital for the University of Colorado School of Medicine. U.S. News and World Report ranked the hospital the best in Colorado and the 15th best in the nation.

Rebuilding the EPA

Link climate change to domestic pollution. As the planet continues to warm at a rate beyond the expectations of most independent climate scientists, it worsens domestic and global pollution. Health effects from particulates produced by consumption of fossil fuels, ground level ozone emissions from motor vehicles and aggravated health stresses to people with preexisting cardiovascular […]

Julian Assange recruited teenager, 17, to hack his own former WikiLeaks associate and delete online chats, court hears, as judge refuses to delay his US extradition hearing any further despite last-ditch legal bid

It was impossible to see Amber’s expression, or if she even glanced in her former husband’s direction, or if those glances were filled with regret or antipathy or something else. (Above, the 34-year-old actress and her ‘Team Heard’ arriving at the High Court; far right, her lawyer Jennifer Robinson)


The representative of the MOIT’s Import-Export Department said Viet Nam has advantages in production and export of agricultural, forestry and aquatic products, while the EU has a large demand for these items that have accounted for 8.4 per cent of total annual import value. This shows great potential in export growth from Viet Nam to […]

Peter Thiel Met With The Racist Fringe As He Went All In On Trump

That’s proved useful to both the White House and Facebook. Thiel accompanied Zuckerberg at a secret dinner at the White House with Trump and Jared Kushner last October, one stop in their tour of Washington, DC to stave off scrutiny and the possibility of antitrust regulation. Thiel was also one of the biggest internal opponents […]

Clashes over Tory plan to seed the UK’s next Apple with state aid

However, like most of the UK’s export-focused industries, tech firms want unfettered access to European markets and foreign expertise as much as they want government backing. That means Brexit and a bureaucratic visa system are as much a barrier to a healthy tech industry as the absence of a UK Arpa.

Oblivious Swiss tourist says he is ILL and needs to go to hospital as he lands at Heathrow and prepares to get on the busy Tube completely unaware that Britain has begun quarantine

‘We were stuck there, worrying about not being able to fly home. You can’t get in contact with anybody in the British Government, and when you do they just palm you off to someone else. It was just a merry go round. Just ridiculous and frustrating. The Americans were much more than helpful.’