Will Rey Return in a Future Star Wars Movie? Daisy Ridley Won’t Quite Say No

But the other point there is that Daisy Ridley feels Rey’s journey met its conclusion in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. To what degree that conclusion was satisfying will be debated for years to come. Nonetheless, director J.J. Abrams brought the Skywalker saga to a close last year when Rey took up the name […]

Netflix and Chills: Every New Scary Movie and TV Show Streaming on Netflix for Halloween Time

A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting (October 14) In A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting, when high school freshman Kelly Ferguson (Tamara Smart) reluctantly agrees to babysit Jacob Zellman (Ian Ho) on Halloween, the last thing she expects is to be recruited into an international secret society of babysitters who protect kids with special powers […]

Mulan movie boycott calls grow over scenes filmed in China’s Xinjiang

Isaac Stone Fish, a senior fellow at the Asia Society, said the film was now “arguably Disney’s most problematic movie” since “Song of the South” — a 1946 glorification of antebellum plantation life that the company has since pulled.

Cannes Film Festival: The 21 Movies Up For the Palme d’Or Prize

Country: Spain Director: Pedro Almodovar Cast: Emma Suárez Julieta has just lost her husband and to make matters worse, her daughter, just turned 18, decides to run away from home. In racing around Madrid to find the tearaway teenager, she discovers she doesn’t know her daughter as well as she thinks she does.

Beginner’s tips and tricks for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Use your holomap BD-1 is more than a cute little droid. He’s a good boi with the ability to project a holographic map for you, on command. This holomap is more than a lore-friendly player map. BD-1 will record all of your travels and note passageways and shortcuts for you. Fallen Order features Metroidvania-like passages […]

What the Oscars’ New Diversity Initiative Does — and Doesn’t — Do

Besides the somewhat predictable fearmongering about “woketopians,” the Academy’s announcement sparked a social-media parlor game, with Awards Twitter trying to figure out which recent Best Picture nominees would miss the cut under the new rules. As far as I can tell, the standards are loose enough that there aren’t any. The Irishman? Thanks in part […]

New York Comic Con Metaverse Sets ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Helstrom’, ‘Lost’ Anniversary, More For All-Digital Confab

Cast of Starz’s American Gods Tease Season 3 DetailsAmerican Gods – #GodSquad are you ready for divine intervention? Stream with your favorite gods as they journey to Lakeside and talk all things Season Three of the hit Starz Original Series American Gods. Following his discovery last season that Mr. Wednesday is his father, Shadow attempts […]

Dune 2020: The First Trailer For The New Sci-Fi Movie

The trailer showcases the core Dune cast, including Timothee Chalamet as Paul Atreides, Oscar Isaac as Duke Leto, and Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica. It explores some moments that will no doubt be familiar to fans of the franchise in any of its incarnations–like the Gom Jabbar Test Of Humanity and the terrifying sandworms that […]

Netflix: best movies to watch this week – September 2020

Two of Hollywood’s biggest names in comedy – Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish – team up for this dumb-but-fun laugher about adults in evening class that’s new to Netflix. The jokes are hardly high-brow but those leads sure know how to grab your attention – especially hyperactive Hart, who also co-wrote and co-produced. And if […]

Christian Bale Is the Best Batman According to New Poll

The casting of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ upcoming movie The Batman caught many by surprise. Reeves though could not be more confident in his choice, and has previously praised Pattinson, explaining that it was not just Pattinson’s acting talent that drew him to the actor, but their shared passion for the […]