All’s right with the world in a tired but happy town

Rather than indulge in the carousing one might typically associate with such an event, as two African American women Otis said they had come to Britain to mark the historic moment of a member of the British Royal family marrying a US citizen of mixed heritage.

Democrats to go virtual with convention

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is asking the thousands of New Yorkers who have fled the city because of the virus to return to save it from economic ruin. Many moved to second homes, while others rented or bought new properties, leaving their expensive city apartments.

Dominic Fike Sounds Like He Hates His Job

The problem is that these inoffensive songs are made by a singer that doesn’t seem too keen on the product he’s selling. There’s a need across What Could Possibly Go Wrong for Fike to skewer his persona before the audience has a chance too. A prime example of this is “Cancel Me,” a blunt opportunity for […]