New Zealand, Ireland could fill ECB void in 2021 if World Test Championship is cancelled

The ECB is currently scheduled to host six Tests in 2021, at least five of which will involve England and India. But with uncertainty over the viability of holding the World Test Championship (WTC) final at Lord’s in June as planned, the ECB has explored contingency plans. Those plans involve inviting at least one other […]

Air New Zealand offering ‘Mystery Break’ packages for guests who don’t really care where they go

New Zealand’s residents, meanwhile, are not currently allowed to travel internationally, with the exception of two Australian states — the Northern Territory or New South Wales — as part of the first stage of quarantine-free travel between the two countries.

New Zealand’s booming film and TV industry in a ‘golden era’ thanks to Covid safe haven

There’s faith that any party politics is something the sector can transcend – the industry-led working groups set up on the former forward-thinking initiatives are a hallmark of a sector “starting to grow up”, Durey says.

‘I am stuck, I am going to maximise my time here.’ Dubai tour guide makes most of six months stranded in New Zealand

Cape Reinga and Hobbiton were also among her favourite places she visited. But she says a highlight of her time in New Zealand was getting to meet up with a Kiwi family who had been on one of her tours in Dubai back in January and took her under their wing while she was in […]

The New Zealand passport – the ‘powerful’ little black book everyone wants their name in

James said that he would keep his as “it is my birthright, but also I have worked hard from the age of 15 in the States to earn it”. He admits filing taxes still in the US is a “chore”, but that “in the event things were to ever go pear-shaped for myself and my […]

New Zealand now the most powerful passport in the world

“USA passport holders, for example, were able to travel to the same number of countries as New Zealand (80). Due to the poor handling of Covid-19, not many countries welcome American travellers and their Mobility Score has only recovered by 15 per cent to 92 countries.”

New Zealand’s big role in saving Tokelau’s language from extinction

“Even if you can’t speak Tokelauan now, do it, it’s never too late. Not knowing how to speak the language doesn’t mean you’re not a Tokelauan – no one will ever take that heritage from you.”

Costco delays its New Zealand launch, but is actively looking for additional sites

In April, it was revealed that Costco planned to spend more than $100 million on the store, which would offer the chain’s full format, including a Costco fuel station, tyre centre, food court, optometrist, and hearing aid services along with groceries and homewares.

Face masks no longer required on Air New Zealand flights at alert level 1

“As always, our top priority is ensuring we keep our customers and people safe and we will continue to be vigilant with hygiene practices at alert level 1. High touch surfaces will be cleaned regularly, and all our aircraft, lounges and airports will also be frequently cleaned. Hand sanitiser will be readily available.”

Friendly Penguin Approaches Pedestrians on New Zealand Road (VIDEO)

In this video, filmed Dec. 4 in Bluff, Southland, the thick-clawed penguin (a species of crested penguins living in New Zealand) approaches people who joyfully photograph it. At the same time, he does not feel any fear towards any of them.