Port Hedland covered by dust from iron ore mining, residents resist buyout

The property buyback comes more than a decade after the WA Environmental Protection Authority flagged it was concerned about the possible health effects of dust on people living near the port — in particular, its links to heart and lung disease.

Proposed plan to restrict Christchurch’s Airbnb-style accommodation ‘anti-tourism’

Pringle was concerned how much it would cost the council to ensure compliance with the proposed new rules. He wanted the companies to put restrictions directly on their websites, preventing the home from being booked if it had reached its allowed number of days.

Plans to regulate Christchurch’s Airbnb sector ‘unlikely to fix the issues’

But some councillors say the consenting system is unlikely to address the issues it is designed to resolve. The proposal only narrowly passed nine votes to eight, with councillors Jake McLellan, Catherine Chu, James Daniels, James Gough, Yani Johanson, Aaron Keown, Sam MacDonald and Phil Mauger voting against.

150 academics, researchers urge ‘robust and emergency’ climate action

The report said there was about 12 years to make the dramatic reductions needed in global net carbon emissions to get climate change under control. “In order to reduce emissions drastically in 12 years is going to take radical action,” Lockett said. “I’m not getting that sense or urgency from our Government.”

The worst climate change denial myths, debunked by experts

BUSTED: ”Many of us as individuals have very high greenhouse gas footprints. Last year, New Zealand’s gross emissions per person were the seventh highest among the 41 industrialised countries. That means as individuals, many of us are amongst the top 10 percent of high emitters globally. This matters, because as Kevin Anderson, Professor of Energy and Climate Change at […]

Māori businesses innovating to meet the challenges of Covid

Learning to be a cut above Adrian Evans started his barbershop, The Gentry, five years ago and had just opened a second shop in Auckland’s new Commercial Bay retail district when the lockdowns brought business to a grinding halt.

Why they want to bin the Resource Management Act and how that is a big deal

“The RMA doesn’t stop a huge amount of stuff happening. The main complaint is it introduces a lot of uncertainty and churn about how long it will take to get consent, the terms that will be imposed, and how much money it will cost to get there.”

DNA tests on poo, scales and skin found in Loch Ness suggest Nessie is REAL, say scientists

“We’re delighted with the amount of interest the project has generated in the science and, monster or not, we are going to understand Loch Ness, and the life in it, in a new way.”